[Solved] Musl x86_64 build stuck at july 1st?


I haven’t found any mention of it, so my apologies if it’s a duplicate :smiley: – I did look here, on twitter, github, and tried googling

Anyway, xbps-install -Su hasn’t found anything for a few days, looking at the repos there doesn’t seem to be any build after July 1st, and https://build.voidlinux.eu/builders/x86_64-musl_builder says some builds seem to be taking over 167 hours, can anyone look into it?

(and maybe, in the long term, add a timeout for builds)


(maxice8 alter) #2

know problem, the host of the builders lost connection.


Doh, seems I was the only one who didn’t know it!

(Gus Fun) #4

It begun to look odd to me too as I keep two installations, glibc and musl, and the first was getting updates of similar stuff installed on musl.
Everything still very functional though.


Any timelines, as to when it could be up again?

(maxice8 alter) #6

not that i am aware, i don’t work on the infra.

ask on #xbps


Thanks, I’ll check.


musl updates came through this morning, a bunch of them of course.
Everything working just fine on my system.
Thank you for fixing the builder, you guys are awesome :hugs: