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[SOLVED] Kernel compiled without rtl8723bs


rtl8723bs driver has been included from kernel 4.12 onwards, and many people were happy about this because it’s the driver needed for wifi on most Intel Cherry Trail laptops. However I checked today and the kernel (both 4.14 and 4.15) are compiled without this module, even if it’s included.
I tried compiling the kernel from the kernel-headers package and it seems to give me an error (even without this module), anyway, I’d love if this module was included so Void can work out of the box on surface clones and other Atom laptops…

(Erin) #2

Try submitting the request here too.


@Echo you’re right, the Void kernels linux4.14 and linux4.15 are compiled without this module:

# CONFIG_RTL8723BS is not set

For reference, the Arch kernels linux and linux-lts have it:




Thanks for noticing.
So should I open an issue on void-packages github as well?


@Echo yes, why not?


Okay, as of now new kernels 4.14.26 and 4.15.9 are compiled with rtl8723BS and already available in void repo. :slight_smile:

Can confirm after modprobe r8723bs wifi works.