[SOLVED] I can't shutdown my system

(Samdeep) #1

When I type:

sudo shutdown +0 -P

My system begins to shutdown, however outputs these messages to the screen and then hangs and does not shutdown.(note u may have to zoom in on the image)

Thanks in advance,

(William Rueger) #2

I believe the time must follow the options. Try:

sudo shutdown -P +0
sudo shutdown -P now
sudo shutdown -h now

(Steve) #3

I use

shutdown -h now

On my system with no problems.


I always use poweroff.


I use init 0.


I also use ‘poweroff’, it does not need any options.

@bramble: the output on your screen appears to be from a web browser. It looks like your X session is getting killed, you are being returned to your tty and then something is hanging.

If you can somehow get access to dmesg whilst doing this it might be helpful. Also try changing ttys (Ctrl+Alt+number) and see if that still works.