[SOLVED]Graphical front-ends

(X) #1

Is there any graphical interface for a package manager that I can download ?
Tia !

(Max) #2

There is OctoXBPS.
It is in the repo but I don’t know how well it works. :confused:
It has not been updated in a while.

(Jacob Moen) #3

OctoXBPS works well - I use it all the time. :slight_smile:

(Kevin Moses) #4

I have a question does xbps-install require sudo permissions to install packages?

(Max) #5

Yes :slight_smile:

(Kevin Moses) #6

Okay, I thought I was losing my mind.
If you don’t sudo you get this error: failed to lock pkgdb permission denied, right?

(X) #7

THX to all !
plz mark it as solved .


you can probably mark it ‘solved’ yourself, there should be a little pen icon near the title you have put on the thread :wink:





(Max) #10

Would it be reasonable then if it really causes that many problems to:

  • Remove it from the repo
  • Add a post-install message that warns about it’s state

Duncaen stated in that thread that he is against the removal because people will still have it on their machines.
But at least a warning during installation that it is outdated, buggy and should not be used might be a good idea to prevent broken systems in the future. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any experience with octoxbps, so I don’t really care. Using the package manager from the command-line is just so convenient. But I guess many new users stumble upon it without reading the forum threads about it first and then run into problems.


Well, I did ask a similar question…
Use it at own risk! :joy:
No chance I’m doing it, though :roll_eyes:

(Jacob Moen) #12

I am NOT using OctoXBPS to update!!

I AM, however, using OctoXBPS to find and (perhaps) install individual packages.
For that, it works extremely well.
Searching the package repository, getting info about packages, and install them … cumbersome on the command line, IMHO.
I do hope that someone adopts OctoXBPS :wink:


a few hours hacking could get you a bash/zentiy mash up or gtk/python beastie, but to be honest the only think I use octoxbps for is the sys-tray update notifier…

its amazing how quickly you remember the switches for xbps-query and there is always ctrl-R…