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[SOLVED] Enable Suspend/Hibernate in XFCE


I’m currently using XFCE on a desktop.

When I click the “logout…” action button, I have the option to log out, reboot, or shutdown. No option for suspend or hibernate appears. Likewise, adding the individual “suspend” or “hibernate” butters leaves them grey and unclickable.

The XFCE power manage has a “system” tab, which looks to allow the computer to suspend or hibernate after a period of inactivity. This tab is are greyed out as well.

I see the zzz can be used to suspend or hibernate the system, but I’m not sure how I can hook it into these XFCE plugins.


I think pm-utils is required for this to work.


Thanks, halfway there! I do see it in the “log off…” window. However, the system power saving tab of Xfce Power Manager is still greyed.

Edit: nevermind, a restart got me the rest of the way. Thanks again!


Confirmation that pm-utils is required. Somehow it got removed from my system and the Hibernate option was greyed out. Installing back pm-utils and rebooting fixed it.