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Running a DE with x86_64-musl and language

(David Lebel) #1

I’m aware that musl doesn’t support locale, but what about languages in desktops, like Gnome or XFCE? Can I say, run XFCE in French ?

(de69ja) #2

Hi lebel,
That musl doesnt support internationalization isnt strictly true - there are hacks and ways to do it … a more detailed explanation of the situation in the ‘C locale conformance’ section here http://wiki.musl-libc.org/wiki/Open_Issues … although,im feeling the frustration of non-english users,the flexibility of using different implementations of internationalization leaves options open … ive just been reading this IETF piece for raw material.

(David Lebel) #3

that doesn’t tell me if I can at least switch my desktop to French when under the DE under musl?

(de69ja) #4

French keyboard layout X problem? ?