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Recommendations: Webrowser other than Firefox

(Steve) #1

I know opinions are like, uhm, body orifaces, everybody has several; but, what I’m looking for is an alternative to Firefox that is security/privacy conscious. I can’t stand Firefox Quantum. I have been unhappy with Firefox’s direction for years and Quantum has pushed me to choose another browser.

The old Firefox could be made more security/privacy-aware through addons and about:config changes. Are there any other browsers that could support this either out-of-the-box or which can be made more privacy/security-aware through addons or changes?

(Steve) #2

Here’s why I hate Firefox Quantum:

With Firefox:

Without Firefox:


Ice Cat. You can use all old firefox extensions, and it has better out of box configuration than firefox-esr, like for example useragent spoofing(Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0).
EDIT: If your only problem with firefox quantum is many threads, you can disable viewing threads in htop settings.


EDIT: On-topic: I find QupZilla is quite useable, its included on a couple of the Void ISOs if I remember correctly.

Off-topic: What’s going on with all those processes in your screenshots, it looks like you have about 20 X servers running?

You can also control the number of threads firefox uses in the preferences, so it can use less processes if you want.

(Steve) #5

It’s not the threads, but the memory usage, I guess I should have highlighted that; I normally don’t pay attention to the threads when I use htop, unless there’s a specific problem. My bad.


Ice Cat

(Steve) #7

Thank you. As far as I know, Qutebrowser can’t be made secure; however, I know that a few years ago, Pale Moon could be, though I haven’t used them in quite awhile, so I"m not sure.

Never heard of Waterfox and haven’t used Ice Cat, ever. I’ll check them out.


Waterfox is much like Palemoon. I tend not to use Icecat that much because it runs much slower than Waterfox and Palemoon.

(Steve) #9

Yeah, I already installed it and uninstalled it. It’s horribly slow, and seems clunky, like nothing renders smoothly.

So far, I like Waterfox, now I’m just trying to figure out how to install it system-wide.


I got waterfox working but I have to be inside the “waterfox” directory and run “./waterfox”. I am trying to make this a binary so I can run “waterfox” in any directory. I am still working on figuring this out though.


Previously discussed

(Stefan Mühlinghaus) #12

Same method as with palemoon


I use Palemoon for years, never let me down and very speedy on my old laptop

(dyfi ) #14

Another option is to use Firefox through firejail.


Firejail is not an option, its another attack surface by itself.

(Erin) #16

Palemoon works, feels like Firefox (but isn’t) and many of the legacy plug-ins work.

(Steve) #17

How is firejail an attack surface? I’ve heard it was fairly decent.

(Steve) #18

How secure is QupZilla? I mean, one of the good things about the old Firefox is that I could turn of WebGL, WebRTC, either through changing the about:config entries or (my favorite), by using plugins.


Search for CVEs and look at the codebase and the features it supports.


I would say that QupZilla is secure but unfortunately it is still missing easy configuration of things like WebRTC (I think it can only be enabled/disabled using a compile option, which sucks), I mentioned it because it’s a simple web browser that ‘just works’.

Waterfox has been mentioned earlier in this thread which is probably best if you’re looking for something secure and more like old Firefox. (In fact, I think it’s a better choice than QupZilla but oh well)