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[Poll] Which mail clients do you use?




Not bitcoin’s rolling disaster, why even think that, rtfm, uses F2F topology as per the vid and other docs.


Seamonkey (technically Thunderbird)

(Filip) #24

Thunderbird & Claws on underpowered machines.

Both for their customizability, performance, RSS support and “sensibile” workflow.

Though I’ll likely ditch TB when 52ESR goes away due to WebExtension bustage ( for me it’s useless without FireTray, Gnome2 theme integration, GNotifier, Thunderbrowse & Custom buttons )…

On the other side Claws really needs:

  • GTK3 port, mainly because Fancy plugin is stuck with seriously outdated and unsecure GTK(2) WebKit
  • RSSyl plugin being more compatible with badly formated feeds