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[Poll] Which mail clients do you use?




Not bitcoin’s rolling disaster, why even think that, rtfm, uses F2F topology as per the vid and other docs.


Seamonkey (technically Thunderbird)

(Filip) #24

Thunderbird & Claws on underpowered machines.

Both for their customizability, performance, RSS support and “sensibile” workflow.

Though I’ll likely ditch TB when 52ESR goes away due to WebExtension bustage ( for me it’s useless without FireTray, Gnome2 theme integration, GNotifier, Thunderbrowse & Custom buttons )…

On the other side Claws really needs:

  • GTK3 port, mainly because Fancy plugin is stuck with seriously outdated and unsecure GTK(2) WebKit
  • RSSyl plugin being more compatible with badly formated feeds



I use mbsync to pull down IMAP folders, index and tag them with notmuch, compose with mutt, and send with msmtp. Notmuch lets you do nice filtering and create folders/search really effectively. You need an offline IMAP folder to use it of course, hence mbsync, and I use msmtp to send email. I write/browse email in mutt, but I just write to an outbox and manually send the emails from there with msmtp. It prevents accidentally sending emails, and it means I can read/write email without an internet connection.

(Jacob Moen) #26

I like Thunderbird, but since I almost always have my browser open, I usually use a webclient (Gmail). :wink:


Hey @jacmoe ! :slightly_smiling_face: it’s been a while…

(Timothy L Miller) #28

Thunderbird. I used to use claws, but since the fancy plugin has been marked as unsafe and removed from several distro’s, I couldn’t read my mail anymore in that (I get mostly html mail, and want to read it as it’s meant to look), so was forced to switch to a client that still has the ability to display html mail as html instead of text.

(R.J.) #29

I use Trojità, just because I wanted a QT mail client. Other than that, well, works for me! I don’t use email that much anyway. I haven’t noticed a single flaw, so far.


I use Gmail’s web interface. I have not yet found anything nicer and I send and receive email often so I rely heavily on a clear, responsive, no-nonsense interface.


Thanks for telling me about that! I was actually looking for a Qt mail client and couldn’t find any. For the longest time, i thought KMail was the only one, lol.
Trojitá’s looking great so far! (Tho i can’t tell if it supports multiple accounts yet, i don’t think it does)
If it gets that and kwallet support, it could even replace KMail for me, as it’s already got a cleaner interface and a way more straightforward way of configuration.
From the suggested mail clients here, i have tried Trojitá and Geary as of now. Geary works nice, once you set the default GNOME Keyring to Login so it unlocks automatically, but it’s still annoying when the Keyring randomly locks up again for some reason (which happens when my system runs too long, i think the keyring daemon just crashes). I’d just like something with kwallet support, as that’s what just works in KDE.


Everyone on GMail for the pretty web stuff should switch to ProtonMail.

(Jacob Moen) #33

I am definitely not on Gmail because it’s pretty. :stuck_out_tongue:
I have abandoned Google search in favor of DuckDuckGo and the only reason why I still use Gmail is because I don’t have the money to spend for a ‘proper’ email account.

I didn’t know about ProtonMail, thanks!
I probably should switch to it - I don’t like giving Google so much data …


Gmail has a few things going for it, it’s free and it won’t go away tomorrow. I’m aware of the downsides, I’m also one of the people who lost his primary email when another free and secure provider (rigthly) decided to shut down.

I voted mutt, I actually use neomutt, but it’s not that big a difference, as far as this poll is concerned. I am surprised by how many votes it got.

Email’s biggest upside is that everybody has an account, it’s too hard to get people to move to other networks. You can go DIY in some remote jurisdiction and pray they don’t lose your data overnight.


False-choice fallacy. Many happy things pave a road from there down to the pit of GManMail. Popularity rebuttal: a few years ago nobody heard of SnapChat. Not that I recommend it, just saying.

FOSS users don’t believe in themselves like corporate marketeers who turn nothing into huge user base for lunch every day.

If everyone does e-mail, then it represents society’s average IQ, not where I want to dwell. I find NOT having e-mail a blessing. Only those who want to reach me do, and I skip silly cc lists, spam management, and unwanted forwarding of private stuff, never mind .gov auto-ogle by go-ogle, a front corp. Related…

(Jacob Moen) #36

I am either in serious lurk mode, or Void works without flaw, but I suspect that it’s actually both :smile:

(Jacob Moen) #37

I think that, for me, the ultimate freedom would be - since I already own a domain - to pay a bit every month so that I can have my own email, independent of whatever provider I’m currently using.
That way, I won’t lose anything when I switch or my provider unexpectedly shuts down. :wink:


If you go down that route, it’s safer to register the domain for a long time (10 years?).

(Jacob Moen) #39

I own a .dk domain which is billed yearly (approx. $9) - there’s no expiration, except when I cancel it (or defaults) - the Danish domain is handled by one registrar only, so I don’t have much choice.

(Edmond Dantes ) #40

On namecheap.com there are domains under sale for ~1$ per year ;). My main issue now is that my flat’s lessee doesn’t want to hear a thing about a business contract for a static IP, hence I can forsee I’ll be forced to suspend my server for a couple of years at least