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[Poll] Which mail clients do you use?


Since i’ve used KMail before and it is not in the repos, i’m looking to explore other options. So, what do you all use? (Comments/stories welcome as well)

  • Claws Mail
  • Evolution
  • Geary
  • Sylpheed
  • Thunderbird
  • mutt
  • mblaze
  • Some kind of Maildir-sync solution
  • Webmail (self-hosted)
  • Webmail (not self-hosted)
  • Other (please specify)

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I selected Claws-Mail because it can handle PGP encryption and has powerful filters, but its GUI is a bit complex and unusual, so I definitely wouldn’t recommended it for people who want something simple that just works.


I selected Thunderbird, but I also use mailx for quick mails from the command line. It was not that quick to set up though…

(Paul B.) #4

Funny topic for me because I like the idea of a mail client but can never decide on one so just end up using webmail. I have used every emai client I can think of but every one of them has some issue that bugs me. Maybe it’s me :rofl:

For speed, I like sylpheed (not claws). Very fast and efficient but I want to say it did something odd with gmail, like create extra imap folders it shouldn’t have. Thunderbird is supposed to have a new version with a new look coming out: I saw some proposed layouts and looks - no clue when this may happen. I do like thunderbird but I use imap and the “local folders” tree you can’t get rid of bugs me…I am too picky I think!


I voted “Other”, because I do not use any mail client. :black_joker:

(Leszek Cimała) #6

Hi! I am using Claws-mail and Evolution.
Claws-mail is really great, because you can customize almost everything (custom scripts for replays, templates, …). I see only 2 downsides: searching for word in mail body is really weird to setup, html mails are not very well supported.

Evolution - I have not long time experiences, but looks nice, works ok. Not so customizable, but has great HTML mail support. May be enought and good if you do not need advanced stuff.

(Paul B.) #7

I like claws but for me on gmail it insists on checking every one of my hundreds of folders every time I start it. I figured out how to prevent this but it is very time consuming and I gave up. Evolution is nice but has a lot of dependencies and has more functionality than I need. I just successfully built the newest version of sylpheed (3.7.0) using xbps-src and it works well so far. Minimal but fast. Does not do html email well but displays it as text. I’m fine with that.

(Leszek Cimała) #8

I can not check it right now, but i think there is an option in folder properties in claws, that enables/disables checking for new mail in this folder. Not sure if it will prevent downloading on start. You can apply settings also to subfolders.

Never tried sylpheed, but should be similar to claws (was forked from it I think).


It has been updated 8 days ago… but everything looks frozen at github, I don’t know why…

(Erin) #10

So far have not found a good mail client. Use Claws, Thunderbird and online but there isn’t a programme that just works, is light and not a nightmare to configure that I’ve found. Oh for a CLI mail version of something like Ranger!

(Paul B.) #11

Right, but I couldn’t find a way to do it globally and didn’t want to set a check box on hundreds of folders…

(Paul B.) #12

Interesting - was kind of an exercise for me as well to learn how to build a package with xbps-src :sunglasses:


At the moment I use webmail

(Edmond Dantes ) #14

Personally I like having a mail client; I’ve grown up with an extremely low remote-band dial-up modem connection (RJ-11 cable, 32 kb/s) and going on a browser was simply something i couldn’t afford (5 min to open Wikipedia). Living in country side, I first had ADSL when I was around 17, and benefited from Optical fiber when moved to Rome for University. Moreover, I like having everything organized the way I want, and manage multiple accounts with the same application, as well as receiving immediately notifications for the mailing-lists i’m subscribed to, and gather them into a separate folder.

Throughout years I used GUI, CLI clients, public and self-hosted Mail servers at the same time

For GUI, I mainly rely on Sylpheed (though its a pain to send mails correctly with it over ESMTP, 587 and prevent them to be blocked by the recipient’s spam filter; any advise much appreciated), and Geary too (how come it has 0 votes? It’s lightweight, free, clear, yet modern, full-featured and correctly displays HTML)

For a CLI client, I prefer Alpine or Cone over Mutt, though I use mutt too, while for sending e-mails from command-line, my favorite utility is MSMTP.

Regarding the self-hosted server, using Postfix+Dovecot is the only good solution I’ve seen so far, but I’d like to experiment something new, if anyone pointed me an alternative. SquirreMail is a good free web mail provider to use with your self-hosted server. However, I find i even better to quickly ftp to my /var/spool/mail from wherever i am, or mirror INBOX to a could share service provider. I usually give my self-hosted address to friends, trusted people, and I’ve hosted a address for some of them too. Probably I’ll set this up to on Void-musl, so be ready to see me begging help on a forum thread:sunglasses:.

I even use a mail client on DOS, aside from mutt (which was ported a while ago) 2 good GUI alternative are available for those interested:


  • Pegasus Mail, a professional. lightweight and secure client available also for Windows.

Obviously I have a mail client on mobile phone too, and i couldn’t help choosing a beautiful Open Source alternative, K9-Material

(Leszek Cimała) #15

You can do that globally, for all folders:

  1. Right-click on account name and select Properties …
  2. Check checkbox “Apply to all subfolders” next to “Scan for new mail”
  3. Uncheck “Scan for new mail” and click “Ok”.

Tested it, works as expected.


@Montecristo, for a Postfix alternative, I’ve setup a OpenSMTPD MTA in FreeBSD, a couple years ago. It only got better. It’s a project of the OpenBSD universe.

But setting up a mail server is a very time consuming task.


Other, because e-mail is a borked protocol that should have died with Big Hair Rock 'n Roll from the 1980s.


Retroshare seems nice, but does every message get archived in every node? If so, one has to accomodate large amounts of data in each computer, like bitcoin’s blockchain. Or is there a way that only the sender and the recepient of the messages have them?

wget 'https://mirrors.dotsrc.org/fosdem/2018/H.1301%20(Cornil)/retroshare.webm'
mpv retroshare.webm



Thanks for the link, but didn’t find an answer to my question.