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Package not listed in Void repo (Newbie to Void) [Solved]


So far I’m loving Void but I’ve been spoiled by Arch AUR.
I’ve downloaded and cloned the xbps-src git repo but cannot find >>tixati<< …
It is my favorite torrent client.
Appreciate if it can be added.

Sorry, I’m not an expert with terminal as I have visual medical limitations. I’m more at home with graphical UI applications and packages.


(Jacob Moen) #2

OctoXBPS is a graphical package manager/explorer - I suggest installing that first :slight_smile:

As for torrent clients … how about qBittorrent ?


I had already installed OctoXBPS.
I’d rather ‘fight than switch’ … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Anyways seeing as tixati is already in Arch AUR – wouldn’t be impossible to build a template.

I suppose it’s very hard to get approval here with tixati as it’s classed as proprietary software.
Sure in the meantime qBittorent or Transmission will work.

I ended up installing Deluge torrent client


They are all good choices! Don’t dwell on it.

There are actually proprietary programs in the nonfree repo, but I personally do not see the benefit of this tixati over existing libre torrent programs. They only seem to provide binaries for select platforms, so it would be hard to maintain.

Also I think you may have misunderstood the relation between AUR and xbps-src – a better comparison is to abs or maybe ports. The AUR is just a collection of PKGBUILD’s for abs. xbps-src does not have any extra packages compared to the void repos. Though you can add your own or others’ templates much like you would use a template from the AUR, and anyone can submit a template to void-packages somewhat like they would upload a PKGBUILD to AUR. If it’s of good enough quality (it probably is), anyone can use the package directly from xbps-install, without jumping through the hoops of the AUR.

(David) #5

Last time I checked most *torrent programs for GNU/Linux were based on libtorrent, which has/had a fatal crash inducing bug that made Deluge, etc. just as useless, while Tixati is libtorrent-free.


As a workaround until it is available as a package, I suggest this page here:
Choose the standalone manual binary install, in either 32 or 64 bit as required.
Download (using a GUI browser).
Then use a file browser GUI to navigate to the package, unzip it, read the README.txt with a text GUI app, and use the file browser to move the files to the relevant positions, but you might need to start the file browser with root permission somehow, which depends on your desktop and what other packages you have installed.
You can also just right click the tixati executable and click run or whatever and not even bother installing it to /usr/bin etc.
If you did install it there are only 3 files to put in place, and there is a detailed explanation in the README.txt, but here is a short synopsis of what the files are:
$ ls tixati-2.55-1.i686.manualinstall
README.txt tixati tixati.desktop tixati.png
tixati = executable binary
tixati.desktop = applications menu entry
tixati.png = icon for above
I just tried the 32 bit binary version and it runs in Void.



Thanks so very much for bring this to my attention. The reason I love tixati is that it has a Privacy IP Filter function that is very simple to initiate. Just been using this torrent client for many, many years.
I downloaded the portable edition of tixati and the ReadMe says it’ll remember settings/configuration. Thats just ‘icing on the cake’.

Life is great on Void