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Ongoing Infrastructure Work & Forum Woes

(Michael Aldridge) #1

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, things are not all well in the world of Void. There’s ongoing infrastructure work to keep things up and running right now, but we’re operating in a pretty degraded mode while some boxes rebuild. Here’s the long story condensed down into a forum post sized version:

Forum Registration:
Right now you can sign up for a new account on the forum and your registration will go through but you won’t get the email. This is a known problem based on a fault in the DKIM infrastructure that permits the forum to send out the emails. DKIM is practically a hard requirement to send mail to major providers now, so this can’t really be solved by just turning off the signing pipeline.

Unfortunately getting this fixed is dependent on a single person who isn’t available at this time. In the interim if you have registered for an account, reach out to the #voidlinux channel on Freenode and we can manually enable your account. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve these issues.

US Based Mirrors (unresolvable shlibs at update):
If you’ve tried to update over the last few days and you got a message about unresolvable shlibs, you may have been trying to update from one of the US based mirrors. This list includes but is not limited to: repo3.voidlinux.eu, repo.voidlinux.us, kc.voidlinux.net, lug.utdallas.edu, gatech.edu, or other mirrors physically based in North America. All of these mirrors sync from kc.voidlinux.net so that we can minimize the amount of traffic that is going trans-Atlantic.

Ultimately this problem occurred because we have exceeded the amount of disk space available on kc.voidlinux.net and the data-center that hosts that machine is unable to fulfill the request for a larger disk at this time. They were able to fill the order in another metro and that machine has been provisioned. It will take some time to sync and then some time for DNS updates to propagate as we direct traffic to the new mirror. In the meantime the site contact for the UT Dallas mirror has generously agreed to shoulder the North American traffic and is now synchronizing directly from the master build server. To use the UT Dallas LUG mirror follow the instructions they have provided at https://lug.utdallas.edu/mirror/.

The DNS entries and sync should complete in a few days and the repo3 server will be rotated back into service. The UT Dallas group is however, located in Dallas, Texas (as you might have guessed) so if you are closer to the central US region you may wish to sync from them. They will continue to sync from the master mirror to provide a redundant package source even after repo3 is back online.

This post will continue to be updated with the status of the repo3 rebuild. At this point its at the hurry-up-and-wait stage while rsync brings its copy of the data up to date. For those that are curious, the repository size is now just over 500GB.

A personal request:
While I am a part of the core Void team, this is my personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect that of the distro. I would really appreciate if the templates that are flying around the forum would actually make it to Github and through the review process. Its become one of my first questions I ask now when people ask for support “do you have a template from the forum installed”. Since these templates aren’t handled by the build infrastructure, they don’t get rebuilt when dependencies are rebuilt. Many of them are of sufficient quality they can make it through the review process, but they instead just shrivel on the vine here in the forums.

Also, if you pop into IRC and need to ask a question, if you can do a few simple things you’ll get much faster help:

  1. Don’t ask to ask. If you’ve just joined the channel, we already assume you have a question and are about to ask it. The answer to “can I ask a question?” will always be yes.
  2. Have some basic information ready, we’ll need to know the following to be able to help you:
    a. What system architecture are you using (musl is special!). You can find this with xbps-uhelper arch
    b. What mirror do you get your packages from? If you haven’t explicitly changed this, its repo.voidlinux.eu
    c. If you’ve got an unusual platform (i.e. something that isn’t modern ARM or x86*) we may need more in-depth information to find out what’s gone wrong. Be ready with a paste service of some kind to get the output of commands to the channel. NEVER paste command output to the channel unless it is very short (2 lines at most).
  3. Don’t ping people that you were working with previously unless they specifically asked you to do so. Void is maintained by a globally distributed team and the odds are good that if you’ve gone away and come back in a few hours, it may be the middle of the night for the person you are pinging (most of the regulars and core team idle 24/7).
  4. Stick around. It may take people a few minutes to someone to notice your question. If you join, ask a question and then leave, you’ll never see the answer that someone typed just as you were leaving!

Hopefully this post has contained some useful information. Unlike the other outage notices I will leave this one in thread-mode and try to answer questions as they come in. Please try to keep it on topic and civil.

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(Michael Aldridge) #2

(Greg Fitzgerald) #3

Anyone that has an account issue on the forum can email me, gregf@hugops.pw or message me on irc and I’ll get back to you soon as possible. Username on irc is gregf.

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