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Oh soooo much white

(Vocivus Maximus) #1

Humbly asking could we have an option to switch to a less blinding theme?



You can do this yourself in many browsers. In Pale Moon I just went to Preferences,
Appearance, Color, and changed the background color to red - it could have been any color - and in the menu below selected to show this always. I left text as black. You can forcibly select different font sizes and types too.
Now the forum is bright red with black text, I think I might change that back myself though :grin: (especially as the emojis in the pop up box are invisible now until I hover over them when they show up at the bottom, and they show in the post preview, so I guess this is not a completely perfect solution :tired_face: )

(Vocivus Maximus) #3

Thx @hralgmir, great suggestion. I didn’t realise Palemoon was in the repo’s!




@Vocivus with Firefox I use this extension which makes every page to have light text on dark background.


Well, it’s in the Pale Moon repos:

I just use the bzipped tarball and add my own desktop file and set up, as I often used to do this with Firefox too. Never tried the installer to see how that works, the installer may not be open source last I heard, incidentally.
I think it’s not in the repos as PM gets some funding from adverts on their website and search engine use in the browser, so using the PM build supports them. That is only idle speculation from an outsider though :men_wrestling:


I used their installer, but it needs wget and xz to work.

Stylish can cure white pages in Palemoon/Firefox, and Stylus in Chromium.

(francesc) #8

You have no idea how much you helped me.

(Greg Fitzgerald) #9

discourse is opensource, someones welcome to make a better theme for us and send us a git url to clone it from then we’ll keep it update from there.


I looove white :wink:


WhiteBuster for Chrom* works on all pages, I like what I have seen of it so far.