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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread




Thanks, I can modify and work for hlwm :wink:


Be sure to share your config. :grin:


Here is my simple, stable, and low maintenance Void + Xfce desktop:


hi, thanks. I glad so much. tell me please icons and other things. Regards.


Sure …

Wallpaper: https://wallpapershome.com/images/wallpapers/landscape-3840x2160-flat-4k-5k-fog-iphone-wallpaper-forest-blue-11927.jpg

Icons: Paper Theme

GTK Theme: Adapta

Style Font: Deja Vu Sans Book

Window Theme: Adapta

Window Title Font: Sans Bold


(seth) #179

x220! the ol’ x301 was getting a little slow for my needs so i picked up a cheap used x220 and frankensteined it together. waiting on an invoice for a nitrocaster FHD board to swap in a 1920x1080 panel, then this will be the perfect little travelling companion. cwm + urxvt + lemonbar as usual. the application icon in the upper left changes based on the running app (just via a small array i am building up for my commonly used apps). additionally, the volume indicator greys out when muted, the wifi greys out when disconnected, and the mpd info disappears when a song is stopped.


Fresh Void install +dwm :sunglasses:







not used to posting on this forum but oh well.
dots - wall


Hey @mrneilypops where did you get this nice wallpaper ? :nerd_face:




VOID DEFCON25 :sunglasses:




i know, it’s weird but lately i use my “vintage” fvwm setup more and more
i love the weird looks i get in class when people see that shit :smiley:


^ that’s awesome.

Finally got around to installing Void on a UEFI system -


@PackRat Funny, you modified the neofetch logo ?

And the “space invaders” version of cowsay ? lol :space_invader:


Yes, configured it to use an image - need to install w3m-img.


Nice work :sunglasses:


^ thanks

couple more, pretty much have everything set up the way I want: