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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread




nvidia drivers installed! GeForce 9500GT=nvidia304


I wish I could get used to a tiling WM. Mate will do for now.


I’m surprised I don’t see more dual screens here. The left is a 24" HD, the right 27" 1440p.


I used to have multiple monitors and still have a 30" monitor which i use sometimes but i mostly don’t use it, even when i sit in front of it while it is attached to a docking station.
Stupid and weird, i know.


Nothing but tiling WM (& Enlightenment) handle workspaces & multi-monitor properly (i.e. separate, independent workspaces for each monitor).

(seth) #158

i’m not sure about this. can’t dwm do this with patches?


Bspwm, urxvt, thunar, surf, lemonbar with custom panel, conky.



New silent graphics card…one less fan!

GeForce 710 = nvidia378



Enter the Void :sunglasses:



I guess I enjoy mimimalism:


^ Nice.

Which window manager are you using?


that’s bspwm :slight_smile:


i3-gaps, i3-blocks, conky, rofi, urxvt



polybar+Vpnd :sunglasses:

(Steve) #168

openbox, conky & tint2; simple, lightweight & clean



polybar transparency


The transparent bar config pretty neat… can i use for herbstluftwm?


Hmm…I don’t think that would work with hbwm???

Here is my polybar config;

more info here;