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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread


@jvarg hey which font is it ? nice.


it’s called bleed2, you can find it here:


bspwm + pollybar




Very cool!

(pedro) #136



Openbox + tint2 again.

(Galdong) #138


Clean (sorry for jpg, png was too big):

“Fake” dirty:


I wanted to try Stumpwm pretty soon, however, since there is no template for it, I just kept leaving it for the next day. It really seems to feel like another WM while being more powerful, and being written in pure Lisp does attract me. If you have a template would you mind to share it?


had a bit time to make it a more consistent look :sunglasses:





GKrellM still ROCKS!

but you might need some updated plugins…


GKrellM Invisible by Jkx;


Never understood how the desktops in these threads always look so tidy.

Anyway, here’s my desktop for the past ~5 years.

(Iago Roger) #144

Void w/ XFCE4

(oliver) #145

Sorry for the off-topic but hairless cats frighten me. It’s like they’re little thugs or something.


VOID openbox+polybar :sunglasses:


(Iago Roger) #147

Void w/ hlwm


more polybar tweaks…



awesomewm, which I’ve used for quite a while, though I’m always tempted to try out stumpwm


switched to dwm + st and really like it


Do you like it better than herbstluftwm?


i really like the change the header, compile and run aspect of it… so i change the things i really want and then set and forget about it.
On herbstluft i change some detail every 2nd day.
But in the end it’s not that much of a difference for me but for now, i really like it!