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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread

(Benjamin) #107

Could I see your dotfiles for this? It looks pretty sick.


Nothing special dotfiles

(pedro) #110

i3 gaps clean


LXQt + conky + compiz + emerald.


Darker than Black


Not a real install yet, but somewhat useable already:

(diana) #114

really light :slight_smile:


Hey! What is name of the program that gives you those nice little icons on the right? :thinking::heart:



(diana) #117

Those icons default of enlightenment R- alive white e19 theme :slight_smile:


I guess you are talking about your icons now? :thinking::sweat_smile:
Well I like your theme. It is nice to see a bright and clean desktop for once. But the icons I’m asking of are on 4130’s desktop, a bit further above. :wink:
(Im in need for a good icon program for fluxbox)


I use Awoken-Dark and Clarity icon themes, but these monochrome.

(Alex) #120

Lol… Stumbled over this one and considering having it as a splash.png… ^^

(seth) #123

it’s been a while since i’ve had time to mess around with my config, but i figured i’d get a head start on a new setup for when my new work machine comes in. cwm + urxvt + lemonbar. fonts are Fira Sans and Source Code Pro.

here’s my bootsplash (i want to install plymouth at some point so this seamlessly transitions from splash to DM):

(seth) #125

as a matter of fact i am using for grub :smiley:

(Felix Molero) #127

My void linux with i3-gaps urxvt ncmpcpp + mpd
background made by me…



VOID Mate ‘Goldfrapp’



octoxbps-notifier installed…



arc theme+urxvt+mpg123+glances system monitor



fresh install on my workhorse