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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread




How did you go about patching Lemonbar for xft? Is this the “xbps-src” route? If so, just so I can take the first step, will I use the krypt-n/bar repository, or can I work with the lemonbar package found in xbps? Something else? Thanks for any help!


I’m new to Void but still wanted to share my XFCE setup ala old-Deepin using Plank (transparent) above the bottom panel and running
>$ wmctrl -r "Plank" -b add,above
to keep it always on top.

I’m really enjoying Void, Cheers!

Desktop icons text shadow
Panel backgroud
Icons are a mix of previous Deepin icon packs and Faenza-Darkest


Openbox + conky + tint2, nothing fancy.

Fonts: Voltaire and Share-TechMono


Sublime Text + screenfetch and dfc


(Jakukyo Friel) #67

try Bodhi’s fork of e-17: Moksha

URL wrong? (Currently it is pointed to a web framework.)

(Jakukyo Friel) #68

Lumina (Lumina glass theme, fluxbox Flux theme, tweaked lumina-panel )


2bwm -

tint2 for the battery information and clock.


openbox with xfce panel, conky, and urxvt/tmux (maximized). i found a python script in an Arch spin on Sourceforge, that allows switching between panels on the fly (tint2/lxpanel/xfce4-panel).


Simple but functional, my simple xfce and with the new kernel 4.7.4


And now with lxde, one of the lightest and simple but easier to set up than a pure openbox. The flag on the panel was purposeful and to configure the keyboard :yum:

(Userx) #73

how do you you and where are the config files kept to customize st?


Openbox with tint2 and conky
Programs seen: Chromium, ncmpcpp, mpdviz and thunar


the previous shot was from my tester, a 10" netbook. this is the same setup, Openbox. XFCE panel, conky, terminator/tmux (neofetch)
, on a more powerful machine.


xmonad, xmobar -

(Jannis Christ) #77

All custom, I even rewrote the lighthouse script in ruby because I don’t like python to be on my system as well.



(Christian 'strcat' Schneider) #78

Fluxbox with tmux, mutt, slrn, irssi, cmus, Newsbeuter, …


krap desktop environment & some music

(Jannis Christ) #80

Did you package plasma 5? :hushed:


It’s in progress

(Logan Kaser) #82

What is that IRC client?