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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread


Having just recently migrated to Void as my main “working partition” I tested out some of my projects…
This is a very lightly altered Xfce install
The shot show two of my projects a Java GLES2.0 wrapper and a JavaFX logic editor application.


Still a work in progress. Openbox with tint2, obmenu-generator, conky and spacefm+udevil.



your desktop looks amazing. Would you mind sharing your dotfiles? I really want my desktop to look like yours.



fake busy

(Antonio Malcolm) #46

Void, Openbox, Compton, and Conky.
I wrote the Gtk theme, as well as the Conky config/Lua scripts, and the scripting library which is generating the Displays pipemenu.

Decided I couldn’t help but ham it up a bit, and show off the themed Kupfer UI ('cause I don’t need a damned panel).

OK, one more: skippy-xd, as my window switcher ('cause I still don’t need a damned panel)…

(Benjamin) #47

Can you post your .dotfiles please?

(deepdark) #48

Welcome to the Void. Nicely styled desktop with nice transparency (please share config). Your conky is a bit crazy for me but still good work with all them lua rings.

(Antonio Malcolm) #49

Ok, I don’t have much, in the way of configs, really, but I’ve added them as a git repo.
The Conky config and scripts are already in their own repo, and I’ve also added a repo for the GTK+/Openbox theme (this was overdue).


1.) The theming for Kupfer is already handled by the GTK+ theme, so all you’d need to do, to get that, is to set satin as your active theme. It will also theme lightdm, Chromium, and Firefox, and I plan on making Eclipse behave, in the future). The theming for Skippy-xd is in the configs, along with the configs for Compton (there is one for the user environment, as well as one for lightdm- I use both Conky and Compton on lightdm).

2.) The Conky config and scripts should require very little modification, for most people on 1080p screens. The script which generates the CPU data, for example, will adjust to the number of threads/cores on your system. If you’re not on a laptop, you might want to remove the battery indicator. It also comes with the void logo and fonts. If you’re not on a 1080p display, you can adjust the positions and sizes to suit your needs.

3.) The pipemenus are provided by the corgi-scripts POSIX library… there’s more to it, than simply providing Ob menus… I really need to update the docs, for the new/other features. Just follow the instructions in the REAMDE- they’re quite thorough, and list packages required to support the various bits of functionality.


(deepdark) #50

Much obliged for posting configs. Corgi is interesting, didn’t know about it; will have to check it out. But confession, I want to play around with that conky, it’s a tad crazy for me, but, looks fun. Thanks for that!

(Antonio Malcolm) #51

I am currently adding power management capabilities to the corgi-scripts Openbox menu lib. First, CPU management, and, mayhaps, hard disk power management. Also, I’ll be splitting it into two projects- the core libs and the Openbox libs, the first will be a module for the latter. It’s fairly well-writ, thus far, I think, but still needs a little cleanup. Also, corgi has some executables which can also be tied into ACPI events (for audio and display controls, also power management, and key bindings which utilize ACPI events), which may or may not be shared with the Openbox side of things. Those will likley go into core.

EDIT: The conky package has been updated with the Lua-Cairo bindings required for rings and the like.


i3wm solarized with simple Voidlinux Wallpaper




Ok, I’m not really sober right now, but couldn’t we make a xbps repository with only skinz, themes, configs and wallpapers and such?

Edit: hmm perhaps a bad idea to right this in the desktop thread. I will start a new topic instead :wink:


to compensate my last none-screenshot-comment

almost my own ‘everything’

  • modified fluxbox style
  • modified wallpaper
  • modified audacious skin
  • modified conky configs
  • lxterminal running jeti…


Enlightenment 0.20 with a non-intrusive white effects-scheme
borrowed Shampoo’s Voidlinux-icon suggestion :stuck_out_tongue: (see: here)



(Frankie Wilde) #56

Lovely stuff, could you please share wallpaper ?

Is it stable now ? I have been in love with E19 at first sight but the immense amount of bugs pushed me off after a few months of usage… Currently XFCE FTW but would gladly give it another try if it’s usable again…


That’s look really nice and clean, apsolutly love what you did whit the icon / logo / thingi :slight_smile:


Sure thing!

The Original Wallpaper is from Wallhaven.cc
And the Void-Logo from Shampoo
Threw both together in Gimp, and this was the result :smiley: (really, it was done in less than 5 minutes…)

I haven’t had issues with e-20 YET. however, I did have immense issues, when I was still using FGLRX. Now, my card isn’t supported anymore (and fglrx doesn’t support Xorg 1.18 anyways), so i’m using the foss radeon drivers, which work really damn well for me.

If you have issues with e-20, you can try Bodhi’s fork of e-17: Moksha.
I haven’t tried it myself, but they claim it is more stable.

Apparently, Moksha can have compiz-effects, if you are into that kind of stuff :slight_smile:
Bodhi-Linux: Moksha-Desktop

Successfully compiled Moksha and its compiz-module on Voidlinux (pretty easy and quick). It does work and does have really fancy effects. I feel like it is a little bit less stable than Enlightenment-0.20, though

Logo "feel"
(Benjamin) #59

Conky stolen from /r/conkyporn (Slightly modified)
Compton & theme were stolen from @Antonio
Am using openbox as my WM (though I’m switching to bspwm). EDIT: Using bspwm
Skippy-xd, kupfer, & plank not shown. No longer using these.



i3wm of course Sir;
(i3-gaps this time around)

Glances system monitor;
https://nicolargo.github.io/glances/ :sunglasses:

http://rybczak.net/ncmpcpp/ (not in screenshot)

Also, I would recommend redshift for those late night coding sessions;

(Thoth) #62

Void Linux, dwm-pad, xterm, moc player, tty-clock, some work plus a site for Void-Linux mod fork for ARMv7hf/Allwinner AXX tablets (Just released at Fri13).