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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread



bspc config border_width 5
bspc config normal_border_color “#528588
bspc config focused_border_color “#dee3e0


You have a link for that wallpaper; tineye reverse search came up with nothing.

tnkering with fvwm -




(Benjamín Albiñana) #442

Here I go. thinkpad t410 and crappy monitor with i3

(Matkach Kozina) #443

Here’s mine! i3-gaps, st, polybar, compton


Nothing outrageous, my little enviroment for everyday use!


Currently working on my theme generator:


What website is that? It would be nice to get color palettes based on a given picture?!
Would you mind sharing?


It’s not a website,- it’s a local script that creates a html-page with all my themes and their extracted colors.

There are websites however which do that:

Edit: Some more randomly generated themes:


Great Thx!