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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread


@montecristo - thanks.

back on topic -



Void linux theme for awesome :smile:

I’m done messing with GIMP and colors now :roll_eyes:
@cr6, thanks for finding those icons :fu:


dwm on my craptop

(Adhi Pambudi) #420

Just reinstalled Void Linux :slightly_smiling_face:
xorg-minimal, bspwm, lemonbar, urxvt.
RAM usage after boot just 52MB Yeay! \:blush:/


@Addy Pls, can you share your lemonbar config?

(Edmond Dantes ) #422

@Addy has created a new kind of art which is called ‘customizing your desktop’ as a contemporary derivation of aesthetism

(Adhi Pambudi) #423

@mashn Sure, here

@Montecristo :yum:

(Ioan) #424

@addy libreoffice afaik needs to be done like

bspc rule -a '*:libreofficedev' bla bla
bspc rule -a '*:soffice' bla bla

(Adhi Pambudi) #425

Ups sorry. It’s derived from my previous configuration from Debian. I haven’t installed LibreOffice on Void. Thank You for the heads-up! :blush:


xfce wth fluxbox as window manager -


Could you upload the Wallpaper please?

(hiten) #428

XFCE4 w/ Adapto-Nokto-Eta, 2 panels, and a hell-of-a-lot of keyboard shortcuts. Also XFWM4, paper-icons, and i3lock.

(Reza Maulana) #429

Just default XFCE setup with simple clicks here and there…

(Adhi Pambudi) #430

Bspwm, Lemonbar, URxvt, Ncmpcpp, Dream Theater, Dotfiles



You are not addy-fe from reddit, are you?

(Adhi Pambudi) #435

Yup, it’s me :flushed:

Back to topic. Modified my setup, so now bspwmrc, dunst, rofi, and lemonbar are using colour from Xresources \:blush:/
Dotfiles : git.io/addyvbsp


(maxice8 alter) #437

+1 for mksh

can i get border widths and colours ?


I’ve finally created my first white bright theme and now I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier.

Edit: Symbols in the top right are: Sounds muted and outgoing SSH session. They will disappear when sound is unmuted/ssh session closes.