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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread


you could say that :slight_smile:

I started out with pacbang then manjaro xfce4 then archbang. I really like where void is heading and is at. My many thanks to the devs and those involved in void linux thankyou.

(rakor) #378

Just a voidlinux running a voidlinux :slight_smile: Nothing special at all.

My fresh fullencrypted installation on a x220 with (first-time-experiece with) Cinnamon.


Looks great! Can I see your config?


@DrAtomic -

here you go:
fluxbox style

conky config

Some openbox today -


@PackRat Nice background! Can you share it?


Sure -

japan wallpaper

(Adhi Pambudi) #383

bspwm, lemonbar, ncmpcpp

(David Gabriel) #384

Wow, dude I like your rice soo much,

Hope I can get your config



(Adhi Pambudi) #386

Thank You! :blush:
Sure, here You go…


bspwm and polybar on oldest pc.

(Edmond Dantes ) #388

A simple XDM theme I made yesterday during time-off:

(aleksey) #389

Just some experimental stuff.


I tend to agree. This is Unity 7 launcher compiled from Unity 7.5.0 sources running on vanilla Gtk with XFCE panel. Doesn’t quite work, sadly, it’s just some testing/debugging application overlayed by thunar and xfce4-terminal.

This is how desktop windows really looks like when all of them are exposed:

As you can see, it’s just another window with wallpaper used in Ubuntu 14.04 (i think, don’t quote me on this). I dunno if this will work at all, but here is some proof that it might:

Obviously, it’s another testing/debugging application running Unity 7 dash, search on apps and files kind of works, launching apps from dash works too, some stuff doesn’t work, some resources are missing, it’s complicated.

Not a whole lot of dependencies required by the way. Some Ubuntu libs, some Gnome libs, some libs were already in repo (for Mate i guess). So far i have a list of 12 packages i had to build for this to work. The only not-strictly-unity dependencies are libdee and libcolumbus i believe, the rest is nux/compiz/unity stuff or so i think.

(aleksey) #390

Just another screenshot with search in dash:

(Gerardo Di Iorio) #391

Hi, very good config, you can share you dotfile ?

(Edmond Dantes ) #392

I’ve created a light Syslinux Void theme, using @BlurredFocus’s (thanks) simplevoid.jpg artwork as background and converting it to 5:4 aspect ratio/640x480 resolution. You can find the latter version here. Here’s my syslinux.cfg; feel free to modify it.


[SOLVED] Install Void using Syslinux
(aleksey) #393

Some progress on launcher.

Xfce4 with compositing + Unity launcher (kind of).

Still dunno if this would work. Some mad hacks were needed but there are still many issues. I’ll see if this can be fixed without hacks.

(aleksey) #394

Some more progress.

Don’t mind different colors, dash is being difficult overall. Checkout those slick corners where dash is connected to the launcher, hardware accelerated graphics, etc. Low gfx mode (no transparency) works too. Blur could be done externally, by compositing window manager.


Here: https://www.upload.ee/files/8228399/my-bspwm-dots.tar.xz.html
Only there is a hefty mess :grinning: Also not included ~/.local/share/fonts - there are proprietary/warez fonts - I’m not sure that you can posted this here.


Just a normal i3 desktop.

After 10 years Arch I finally switched. Feels the same, only better :slight_smile: