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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread

(Matt) #337

Amazing Neil.


Cheers Matt,
Good to see you in the Void…



Beautiful as always…

(Tim Wanders) #341

my i3-gaps setup


I found my home,… Awesome WM. No plans to change it in the nearest future :rofl:


Void+Qtile :sunglasses:





(Matt) #344

Epic Neil.


This is my bspwm kde plasma 5 setup

(Edmond Dantes ) #346

Wanted to make a theme closer to default void logo colors, here’s the result:

For anyone interested in color scheme, my full .Xresources:



looks nice and efficient


tailing wm works great with wide monitor


@Montecristo :rofl: good old linux_logo on your screenshot?! (128TB RAM??!! :crazy_face: )

:kissing_heart: just made a pull request for it!

(Edmond Dantes ) #350

AAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, I’ll give a look at the linux_logo source code to find the issue and possibly submit an issue on their github repo :slight_smile:
For the moment checked /proc/meminfo and evrything’s fine :sweat_smile::joy:

(Edmond Dantes ) #351

Turned the Rpi3 into a SSL encrypted SFTP Server with Void!

Pic from my Huawei P9-Lite :smiley:

(Nonico) #352

Hi everyone! Here’s my very basic Openbox desktop. :slightly_smiling_face: With my basic wallpaper that I made. :grinning: I’m a minimalist… :wink:

(Utz) #353

Hello, i am new to void, and i love some eyecandy. For me xfce does a good job, as void does.



(Iago Roger) #354

spectrwm recently installed in Void


A real picture that I took yesterday… -15 C (5 F) outside

EDIT: Clean