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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread

(Adhi Pambudi) #274

Wow!! Cowboy Bebop
Nice taste of anime :+1:


Just a clean JWM desktop with all i need


Xfce with bspwm as the window manager:

(Adhi Pambudi) #277

So I wither… And render my self helpless…

bspwm // polybar // urxvt // ncmpcpp // dream theater

Disclaimer : I’m not a weeb :sweat_smile:

(kny) #278

What is you theme for ncmpcpp ?


i3status for the system information.


@PackRat amazing saxophone player ^^

(Adhi Pambudi) #281

There is no theme :thinking:
I just start it with
ncmpcpp -S visualizer

(Patrik) #282

Here is my new rice :slight_smile:

  • Bspwm
  • Lemonbar
  • urxvt
  • dunst


Here is my void + Xfce netbook.

You can see the full album here.

(Stefan Mühlinghaus) #284

That looks nice. Which GTK theme and iconset are you using?

(R.J.) #285

Yeah, it’s KDE5.11



Theme: Adapta-Nokto-Eta

Icons: Paper

(Adhi Pambudi) #287

Another Void + Bspwm user :heart:
And hey, I also see this in r/unixporn. Glad to meet You here :blush:


Bspwm, polybar, weechat, rtorrent and cmus.


Work computer. XFCE4.


Very good to know that kde 5 already exists in Void. I’m going to have to go back to Void. Just a question how to install? What packages to stay functional? Thank you.

(aleksey) #291

Not ideal, i agree. This is work in progress, it’s what i’m using ATM, i’ll try to improve it over time. Already very impressed by Void Linux.

(Benjamin) #293

Updated my setup, bit of a downgrade just using bspwm, but since its a fresh install I haven’t bothered to really rice/configure something better.


Nothing fancy, just simple Gnome with few useful extensions mostly created in Argos. Instead of gnome-dock I’m using Plank as I find it less buggy.