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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread


I’m glad you liked it! I took the picture myself late this summer while walking in the forest. That boat has been there for at least 15 years! I can upload it somewhere for you, just let me know where you would want it.

EDIT: I’ve uploaded the picture at Imgur, just follow the link https://imgur.com/8baeayS
EDIT2: Uploaded also following your link…


thanks for sharing original work -

can you post at: this image posting site as a guest

I can pull the full size image from there; or the image hosting site of your choice.

back on topic -


This is dope. Would you be willing to share your awesomewm polybar config I can’t seem to get it to work correctly?


What part isn’t working?

You need these fonts installed:

font-0 = "Code New Roman:style=regular:size=11:antialias=false;2"
font-1 = "FontAwesome:size=9:antialias=false;2"
font-2 = "MaterialIcons:size=9:antialias=false;3"
font-3 = "icomoon:size=10:antialias=false;2"
font-4 = "Ubuntu Nerd Font:size=9:antialias=false;2"

font-awesome and ttf-material-icons are in the Void repos, The others will need to be installed manually.

I’ll get the config together shortly (it’s broken up into 3 parts).




The workspaces module doesn’t work with awesome (not for me anyway) - has something to do with the way awesome names workspaces, if I try to start polybar in a terminal I get:

error: Disabling module "workspaces" (reason: The WM does not support _NET_DESKTOP_VIEWPORT (required when `pin-workspaces = true`))

Although, now that I read that again setting pin-workspaces to false may do the trick.

Edit - yes, pin-workspaces=false did the trick.

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posted the configs here -

awesome wm and polybar

(Adhi Pambudi) #260

Still Bspwm with Polybar.
Terminal : Urxvt
Terminal Font : Dejavu Sans Mono
Panel Font : Noto Sans & Awesome
Notification : Dunst

(Adhi Pambudi) #261

Thanks. You are always helping. Both in Irc & forum :grin:

(Gerardo Di Iorio) #262

Hi, you can share you config?

(Adhi Pambudi) #264

Sure! Wait five minutes

EDIT : Done :ok_hand:


Here is mine. bspwm and a plethora of applications. All configs at https://code.fsociety.info

(Adhi Pambudi) #266

Wow! I also saw this on Unixporn


@imp this wallpaper is amazing! :smiley:


(Adhi Pambudi) #269

WM : Bspwm
Panel : Polybar
Terminal : Urxvt
Irc Client : Weechat
Irc Channel : #voidlinux
Notification : Dunst


Thanks, feel free to use it :wink:


^ thanks,

(Adhi Pambudi) #272

I never thought that You love anime :sweat_smile:


I actually like a lot of it; don’t use it for wallpaper too often, but that one is a nice work of art.

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