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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread


Well, well… I’m not alone :sunglasses:
There’s another Nine Inch Nails fan here :fu:

(Jon) #234

Feelsgoodman :heart:


awesome window manager with polybar -


:laughing: Awesome is f****ing awesome!! :+1::+1::+1:

(Mason Mullins) #237

ok, nothing fancy


True, but all roads lead back to fluxbox (for me anyway):

(Adhi Pambudi) #239

My first Void installation experience.
Still have some trouble. Like cannot find packages, cannot see the recommended packages when installing a package, and uncomplete wiki.
But I’m satisfied with Void, really fast and smooth. Pretty minimal & clean of bloats.
Now I’m using Void for daily use :slight_smile:

Void Minimal i686
WM : Bspwm
Panel : Polybar
Terminal : Urxvt
Colour Scheme : Nord
Ram Usage : free command tells me 51MB



KDE Plasma:

I’m running these on glibc but I need to move them over to musl

(maxice8's favorite salad) #241

use xbps-query -Rs $str to match $str to a package name, xbps has no concept of reccomended packages you will never see the reccomended packages, let go of your dpkg-isms

(Adhi Pambudi) #242

I mean I can’t find packages that I usually use in my previous distro, like termite, arc-gtk-theme, arc-icon-theme, ttf-roboto, etc. But I can live without them anyway :grin:
And what is dpkg-isms?

(maxice8's favorite salad) #243

Termite uses a patchted vte version so won’t be included until it can use proper vte

things that come from dpkg but don’t apply to other package managers like xbps

(Fadly Isnaini) #244

Hi, what font do you use for bar?


Ubuntu semibold. It’s a conky setting to make it all caps.

fluxbox, conky used to put a verse of Tao Te Ching on desktop -


Which fluxbox theme is this? Just in case I’m tempted to try fluxbox again :wink:.


It’s one I made myself.

Most of the fluxbox styles I make are in that thread.


Thanks for sharing.

To keep this post OT, here’s my xfce desktop, nothing special really.


Don’t quite know why, but looks cozy and pleasant.

Maybe I need to add some shadows.

(Malte) #250

Could you post your fluxbox style and terminal config?


Some new colors, widgets and background :rofl:


@pin - can I get a link to that wallpaper?

@beli3ver -

fluxbox style

the font in the terminal is Roboto Mono,

the prompt:

PS1='\[\033[0;36m\] ┌ ─ [\l] ─ \[\033[1;34m\][\w]\n \[\033[0;36m\]└ ─ > \[\033[0;37m\]$ \[\033[0;37m\]'

back on topic -