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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread

(kny) #214

Thank you ! You’re right, it’s ranger.
I have some trouble to show pictures with it in xterm, but I will use it in addition with a common terminal usage.


image preview info;

(Erin) #216

I found the image preview made the term/Ranger laggy but it works well.

(francesc) #217

i3 gaps with i3blocks and ncmpcpp running

(maxice8's favorite salad) #218

2bwm with rxvt-unicode


Here’s my Openbox with Plank panel, Tint2 panel, LXTerminal & Gkrellm.


Those tint2 panels along the bottom?

bspwm + polybar

(maxice8's favorite salad) #221



gnome on void




Still rocking xfce, pretty happy with it. :sunglasses:


Getting there :grinning:
Void+musl+awesome wm


(Shane Kimble) #226

I’m lazy. I just want to click or type once to do a thang :wink:


@mrneilypops :mushroom: :nauseated_face: lol

(Note: interesting, the mushroom is currently [wrongly] classified in Category “Food & Drink”, instead of “Nature”…)


tinkering with the fluxbox key bindings to undecorate and faux-tile the windows.

(ruelleducube@gmail.com) #229

I’m indeed using ranger with image preview, sorry for the very (very) late answer. :sweat:

(Ioan) #230

bspwm+polybar+pywal+conky nothing fancy


Finally, as I want it…:rofl:

Void musl + awesome wm.
Wallpaper, https://imgur.com/gallery/akHsJ

(Jon) #232

First time void user, didn’t feel like using any bars:

  • bspwm, rofi, ncmpcpp (w/ mopidy-spotify), mplayer, fceux, weechat, htop, ranger
  • had to opt for termite, couldn’t get fonts to render properly in urxvt, if anyone knows how to correct this in void, please lend a hand, it may just be a matter of building a different urxvt binary


Well, well… I’m not alone :sunglasses:
There’s another Nine Inch Nails fan here :fu: