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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread




That’s just a bash script to draw the ascii art and take a screenshot.

spectrwm, using polybar instead of the spectrwm bar:


dwm no bar [Alt+b]




@mrneilypops Humm! I can smell the :hibiscus: incense from here :grin:


Fresh Void Linux install. Haven’t run Linux in 4 years, so I installed a DE. I might move on to dwm or openbox in the future, when I got used to everything again. To do for now is a conky at the top of the screen, when I get around to it.

(Simone ) #198

Nothing fancy here, i3 with i3status, urxvt and ufetch showing off a little version of the void logo.


@smlb :blue_heart: Nice ‘blue’ wallpaper!
I’m curious, where did you find this one?

(Iago Roger) #200



That looks like small screen :hushed:

(Simone ) #202

I honestly don’t remember, here you are the raw file.



New Life of an AcerOne netbook


slow day, updating my void iso -

(Iago Roger) #206


System: Kernel: 4.12.10_1 i686 (32 bit) Desktop: LXDE (Openbox 3.6.1) Distro: void

background : https://imgur.com/gallery/J4kV7jW/


Fresh Void 64bit Mate install :sunglasses:


Equilux theme
ACYLS icons

(kny) #210

What are you using as file manager (the top left terminal) ?


If you refer to me I am using Caja file manager that comes with Mate.

(kny) #212

Nope, I was referring to @smatchcube. He uses a look-alike great file manager in his top left terminal, and I really want to know the name of this command line software :slight_smile:


Oh…sorry I missed that…
That file manager looks like ranger to me;