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[Offical] Desktop Screenshot Thread

(Greg Fitzgerald) #1

Show off your desktop. Mines i3-gaps with st for my terminal. If anyone wants to see my configs just ask.

(seth) #2

here’s my setup, using openbox, lemonbar (patched for xft), firefox, and urxvt. unseen: dmenu w/ xft support, mpd (though you can see the current-playing track in my bar)

(Greg Fitzgerald) #3

Nice & Clean



(Greg Fitzgerald) #5

@tonk is that a custom ranger theme?


@gregf no. I only changed the tabcolors, but you can’t see them in this scrot. I’ve added a link to my dotfiles.

(Benjamin) #7

Did you even read the about? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: About the Artwork Screenshots category


(Benjamin) #8

(Dave Davenport) #9

I will make a nice ‘pimped up’ one later.

Left, I dug up my old program gmpc
Right, Rofication, this is my view on desktop notification.
Rofication uses rofi my dmenu replacement, window switcher, run dialog and more.

(hmm I can only put 2 links in my post, update thx @gregf for fixing it.)

(seth) #10

been working on configuring my new x301.

with terminals and dmenu running up top

(Sebastian) #11

bspwm, home baked lemonbar, pastel color palette on urxvt, ranger as file manager, ncmpcpp to stream from my google music and chromium

(Benjamin) #12

could you post your bashrc? I’m loving that terminal there.

(John Levine) #13

oi m8

dcat’s swm and wmutils, lemonbar, urxvt with base16-ocean color scheme, mksh

probably not-up-to-date dotfiles



(seth) #14

how ‘usable’ is wmutls + swm? it seems cool but sort of limited.


(John Levine) #15

if anything it’s free of limits. give it a go, it’ll take work to configure, but it’s worth it imo

seriously I use it day-to-day so

(Sebastian) #16

If you mean me, mine is not bash, but zsh with oh-my-zsh theme bira (i know that oh-my-zsh is for lazy people)

(Benjamin) #17

That will make things easier (since I use zsh)

(seth) #18

i just can’t decide if really want to go that route or switch to a tiling wm on my laptop. i prefer floating for dual monitor setups but tiling could be nice on my thinkpad.

(John Levine) #19

write a shell script for tiling using wmutils

again, extremely extensible. you just need to write it

(seth) #20

other than ‘fun’ what’s the benefit?