New Maintenance Date

(Greg Fitzgerald) #1

Our server maintenance got canceled last week due to the billing issues with the server. Now things are good again we are going to schedule it for Sat July 7th. It will happen around 12:00PM EST and will be done no later than 5PM.

(Greg Fitzgerald) #2

Due to technical issues with our dedicated host we were not able to perform the work we wanted to do Saturday. We tried for several hours and gave up.

The issue is supposed to be resolved this week so my current plans are to do it Friday the 13th… OK let’s not panic that wasn’t planned!

I’ll keep you guys updated on what time of day soon as I know.

(Erin) #3

Just avoid walking near ladders, black kitties and feeding Gremlins after midnight. Good luck with the upgrade. Third time lucky :wink: