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NetworkManager applet not authorized to control networking with i3


I use i3 and NetworkManager on my laptop, and on arch linux I simply added “exec --no-startup-id nm-applet” to my i3 config and I was able to connect to wifi networks. I have done the same thing on void but when I try to connect to a wifi network I get the error: "Failed to add/activate connection (1) Not authorized to control networking. When I plug in an ethernet cable it connects fine. Anyone else had this issue and how do I resolve it?

NetworkManager Issues

I don’t have it installed at the moment, but in the past I had to make the connection as root and then check the box to allow all users to make the connection(s). No problems after that. More of a workaround, I suppose.



This works for me.

exec volumeicon &
exec nm-applet &

(Simone ) #4

Should work installing ConsoleKit2 and starting i3 with:

exec ck-launch-session i3

with this, you should be able to use NetworkManager and nm-applet without problems.