Need to talk to the admins!


Specifically about hosting the forum. I sent them an email already but I don’t know if they saw it? I can’t PM them either due to locked out user privileges since I don’t have any posts to my name here.

(karl-k) #2

About hosting the forum? You’re going to be hosting the forums?
You could try their page maybe make an issue there? That’s what I did when the forums were locked & I couldn’t figure out what was going on… I am only suggesting this because your post sounds kind of important & I read about the whole leader going missing & now the void team has lost control of infrastructure, etc.

That’s their new github page, their old one was just voidlinux.

(Erin) #3

Come onto IRC and speak with gregf or just ask openly. Admins are busy bunnies so sometimes take a while to respond to a gentle prod. Be gentle with them. :wink:

(Greg Fitzgerald) #4

I’m not personally interested, we had a minor hiccup but it’s sorted now. If Gottox is interested he can make the decision.

(karl-k) #5

Gottox is usually on IRC, he was when I was on earlier, Erin is right, that is the place you should check. That’s where I should’ve mentioned instead of the github, my bad.