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Mupen64plus controller config

(kenny_w) #1

Hey guys, I know this isn’t a mupen64plus forum but for the life of me I cannot make these controllers work properly! I keep trying to setup the buttons but it just doesn’t change like it should… like, I’ll change what button “A” is supposed to be, but it’ll remain as the same button -_-

it won’t change. I can’t figure out why its not working properly…

Edit: so instead of just setting each controller in the ~/.config/mupen64plus/mupen64plus.cfg I have changed the auto-settings in /usr/share/mupen64plus/InputAutoCfg.ini & now the controls are working properly.

Edit 2: When I use kernel 4.9, the controls are for some reason different. How weird is that?! Controls are fine on kernels 4.14 & 4.15… Too bad only kernel 4.9 seems to work smoothly for playing emulator games…

update: So I’ve now got everything working EXCEPT for the X axis on the left joystick… Can’t make it work no matter what I do, works on other kernels though. Why would it work like that? Honestly that makes no sense.

(Masato the Empty) #2

I started messing with m64p after your other thread. Wish it had online controller configuration like mednafen… I didn’t have to create a new file like you did. I just took the automatic configuration it did in mupen64plus.cfg and changed that around – you have to change the configuration mode (Input-SDL-Control1) from 2 (fully auto) to 0 (fully manual).

I couldn’t find anything in Void for testing/identifying joystick axes and buttons, so if nobody else knows of anything, then you can download and build good old jstest-gtk.

If you use xbps-src as a build environment then you can use my template/patch. Otherwise, just build it locally and run it from the build location (actually, you need to move the built jstest-gtk binary to the root of the build dir or it won’t find the ‘data/’ directory).

To build it you need at least libsigc++-devel and gtkmm-devel from Void’s repos. You also need cmake and pkg-config as well as any other build-essential that might not be in the Void base system.