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Mariadb updates

(Masato the Empty) #1

I’ve been meaning to look into this further, but the thought keeps getting away from me (primarily becaue I’m not doing anything particularly important with mariadb, just a local ampache server)

On my system, there are always failures of some sort, seemingly due to the routines being unable to lock the database (due to it running). Frankly, I’ve been assuming such failures are not critical, and my database does appear to be fine following an xbps upgrade. However, I am by no means an experience (or inexperienced) DBA (I get the gist well enough, but the rdb implementation has not been an area of focus for me beyond an occasional need to do sql queries for this or that). So Is that assumption actually safe/correct?

So, pretending for the moment that my local db is something important, should I be concerned, or is this nothing to worry about?

(if you think or know that it’s nothing to worry about, I’m definitely interested in why, as I’d like to know if some of my own speculations could be the case.)

(Alex) #2

You are running Apache, why not Hiawatha?

(Masato the Empty) #3

apache? goodness no.

AMpache - http-based on-demand audio streaming (php).