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Kmail for Plasma 5


Why isn’t a Plasma 5 compatible version of Kmail available? I understand the kdepim package contains Kmail but this has KDE 4 dependencies. There isn’t even a source package of Plasma 5 Kmail.

ould Void packagers please make a new Kmail package (version 17.12.x) with Plasma 5 dependencies available? As a new Void user this lack is the only issue that is making me dissatisfied with Void.


The reason kmail for KDE 5 doesn’t exists is that no one needed it yet and therefore no one packaged it.
I can take a look at it and package it tomorrow. (As everything in KDE it will require to package also a ton of dependencies :smiley: )


Thank you very much. I look forward to using it on Void.


I got kmail finally working. Only needed like ~30 new packages :smiley: