It happened


I think you overestimate Microsoft a bit. Yes they are good in marketing and yes they are big. But projects like Rust are just way better when it comes to design and philosophy. The reason is pretty clear: A language with passioned developers/concept creators is way better in the long-run than a project that has to run by force (no offense, but I really hate .NET and it is really, REALLY terribly done).

I should also mention that I am a developer as well, so maybe I am a bit more biased than other peeps here.

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I haven’t touched .NET even with a three feet barge pole, I agree fully: it’s awful. Much better than MFC, though. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think that Hejlsberg did a much better job with Delphi …
Rust is great, but my favorite is Nim.
Programmers … yes, we are super opinionated. :smile:

Github is a service, not a technology, so I think it’s going to be alright.
Besides, lest we forget: git is decentralized.

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Or bitbucket.


Following the recent events, the french distribution NuTyX :tophat: has left github*

*sometimes I think I should do the same… :frowning:

Unfortunate situation.

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raises hand

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I really do hope Void moves to GitLab. Its actually opensource. GitHub is proprietary closed source code.

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Why GitHub?
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Check out the history of Gitlab.
It’s not exactly a whole lot different from Github, besides that the Gitlab CE is open source.

A quarter of a million projects migrated? That’s interesting. :smile:

I am waiting for IBM to acquire Gitlab, that would be poetic.

Anyway, I am glad that Void moves their organization, and that Void stays on Github.

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US$7.5 billion dollar investment and people think that Microsoft is not going to leverage Github to their advantage? Wow.

Facts, not feelings:

Windows 10 is a security nightmare; telemetry by any other name and all.

Microsoft may not be evil, but they are a corporation. And as a corporation, they are singularly concerned with staying in business, which has lead to compromises with governments. As far as security is concerned, I would never even remotely trust anything MS has their hands in.

How is this a good thing for OSS? Any business owners here want to throw US$7.5 billion away for good will? If so, PM me and I’m sure we can find it a good home by donating it to underfunded communities around the world. Or, does MS have a game plan that will somehow benefit them?

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To be fair, Microsoft is known for throwing money out of the window.
They lose money with every XBOX they sell and they also threw out 2.5 Billion Dollars to buy Mojang.
They knew well they will never make that money back.

I don’t think they bought Github to make money of it. Github never was profitable. But it integrates nice into their new offerings and that is probably what they wanted to secure. At least that is my opinion. :slight_smile:

Can’t we just wait and see how this will turn out instead of spreading fear? :anguished:
Yes Microsoft has a bad history when it comes to Linux and Open-Source but if it gets bad people can still move to GitLab, Savannah, Bitbucket,…

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I’m not sure I can accept that because some of their acquisitions have been a disaster that they’re not done with the intention of increasing their bottom line. Their goal is to monetize it somehow otherwise the board would never sign off on it

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It’s prudent to be skeptical and it’s not fear to base your decisions on past history of a person or business.

I cannot, and do not, accept the responsibility for what others do; however, for me, I treat Microsoft, Google, Amazon, et al. like a caged, starving lion. I suggest people not be so trusting. But, hey, what do I know?

Edit, added:

You know, because, Microsoft loves Open Source, they lobbied hard to get the market in Munich and it worked.

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Here’s a tweet:

"Microsoft ist gar nicht mehr so böse wie früher"
Microsoft eröffnet neue Zentrale im München und zack ist Limux tot

— uberardy (@uberardy) June 5, 2018

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It’s war, not chess or checkers:


Is Microsoft bad? Well, IMO, it certainly is. I bought my first PC (not what we called them back then) before the IBM PC came out, thus before MSDOS. I’ve seen MS time and time again play dirty to run their competition out of business. While I was an MS dealer, I attended a pre-release meeting for resellers and developers announcing a new version of either MSDOS or Windows. I don’t remember which, but I do remember the MS rep glibly saying that if you had trouble with WordPerfect on the new version, there was always MS Word as an alternative. It turned out that WP was indeed a dog on the new version and some reverse engineering found that MS Word was using an undocumented function call to get around the problem. Prior to that, WP was much better than Word, so rather than competing they used their OS to cripple WP. After Novell bought out WP, MS quickly came out with their own networking. Netscape was better than IE, but MS started including IE with Windows which drove NS out of business. How many examples do you need? Their whole mindset has always been monopolistic, which is not a good thing.

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This thread is starting to wander. Please keep on topic and less Microsoft bashing. Thanks


Huh? The OP said it was bad and MS messed up Skype. Educating others about MS’s history with these sort of things seems quite on topic to me. I was a MS dealer before most people here were born.


Not saying anything… just leaving a link!
This time, you don’t even need to go any further than wikipedia,
Make your own judgement.


ahhhh! look at what happens already!!
5 minutes ago I go on github with my Palemoon browser and what appears to me? This banner never seen before:

noticed the I.E. logo on the left? but I’m allowed some popular alternatives…
provided I do not use Palemoon
Why? Is it too safe for me??

with Palemoon I have never met a single incompatible site, I do home banking, etc. …
but starting tonight is no longer okay for github?


What is the user agent for palemoon? I want to try this myself.