It happened


Microsoft acquired github, hope it doesn’t happen like skype, in my opinion it is going to. I think this is bad, but lets see what the future reserves.


One more reason to move to gitlab …


Just leaving this here …

Looks like gitlab is exploding.


Who wonders ? :wink:


There will be no Windows after 10. IoT, Azure, platinum member ship at the Linux foundation and now this.
Microsoft will be using Linux as a base but selling proprietary applications.


TBH, I kinda do. People seem to be going “oh noes” all over the place but so far I haven’t seen a convincing argument why this acquisition is a bad thing for open source projects.


Yeah “so far”, but we all know MS. Just wait and see … :frowning:

(Edmond Dantes ) #8

like you didn’t worry about Romero disappearing, you shouldn’t worry about this too. If Microsoft were to show any intention to exploit github by adding ads and promoting its own content or control somehow OSS projects, by entrusting, financing, advertising some and hide, hinder others, then Void would have all the time to move on another platform. All this arousal and hipe amid the Linux community is just ridicolous and only shows once again how it’s full of common places and fanboys


Okay, I agree with that. It stays interesting. :wink:

(Erin) #10

Wonder how many people avoid Linkedin, Skype, MS fonts on their *nix boxes or MS codecs etc.? Back in the day cars pottered at walking pace to avoid having the occupants’ faces ripped of by the extreme speed, people could not see how they would survive entering tunnels in trains…


Maybe Microsoft should get a chance. I had bad experiences with Microsoft, from there comes my prejudice. Let’s see how it goes on.

(Edmond Dantes ) #12

I wonder how many Linux users own a Xbox too for example; like most vendors nowadays, Microsoft is known for caring only about money and influence now (a pity, It used to be a quite honest company producing well-designed, professional and very usable OSs as well as care about userbase more during the good old days of MS-DOS, Win3.x/9.x and WinXP), but it’s definitely not an hideout for criminals, nor an Illuminati circle trying to enslave people’s mind


I’m bs against microsoft, but I will give them a chance, lets see what happens.

(Jacob Moen) #14

I think it’s cool that this happened :smile:

I am aware that the Linux community have a lot of Microsoft hating zealots, but they deserve this to happen.

As Montecristo says: if they screw up, people are going to move.
And, also: Microsoft should be a better guarantee against the service going away than the previous Github owners.
The eggs are still in one basket, but a much, much bigger one!

(Jacob Moen) #15

Like Github write on their blog: open source and business have become a viable combination.

Microsoft has done a lot of great things for developers over the years, and I am confident that they are going to take their new ownership seriously.
I can’t see any downsides to this, to be honest.


Though the knee jerk reaction of said haters and zealots is in many cases obvious, there is another angle to this acquisition. Personally, i haven’t been using linux long enough to share the sentiment, but the fact that a single entity (be it msft, google, and so on) is becoming entrenched, assimilating everything around them is unsettling if not disturbing.


I think a lot of people confuse “haters” to be people who have no idea what they are talking about/doing.

You could count me as one of them too. I don’t have a FB, Whatsapp and Microsoft Account. There are a lot more companies where I don’t have an Account either because I don’t trust them.

All this bullshit “haters” talk has to stop. There is a good amount of people actually having knowledge and making actual decision that they don’t want companies to get hold of their most valued posessions. And what is wrong about that?

Whether Microsoft will actually do something bad will be left for the future. But I for one do not embrace this change at all. I don’t want a single gigantic company to have control over most parts of my internet life.

(Erin) #18

Various tomes have predicted what slowly seems to be happening. As examples, the likes of OCP (Robocop) to Big Brother (1984) or the Pigs (Animal Farm). Is one company diversifying good… subjective. Is Microsoft bad… no. Is Github and the Open Source world doomed due to the takeover… or does Microsoft now have access to code it did not previously where all changes can be tracked to author and physical change… ? Doom I say, doooooom - or just maybe, not!


Let us remember what happens every time you trust Microsoft.

(Jacob Moen) #20

Personally, I don’t use FB, Whatsapp, Skype, .NET, Microsoft Drive, etc. And other companies as well, because - like you - I don’t trust them.
My day to day machine is running Void (not surprisingly) because I like to be in control.
I have been around long enough, though, to have met otherwise intelligent people on a crusade against the evil empire. :stuck_out_tongue:
Being a programmer, I do know that it is hard to beat Visual Studio (C++), especially the debugger. Microsoft is a huge company with a lot of talented people.
What they can bring to the table - the Github table - is to make it a sustainable business by expanding its corporate activities.
I am hoping that it’s going to be a win-win.