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It appears that 'alien' package converter is abandoned is there anything similar to it?

(kolin_evans) #1

Here is the official original site explaining that it is now basically abandoned.


I used this on a different distro, and it seemed to do everything i wanted in terms of organizing and installing both .rpm and .deb packages.

it doesn’t appear to be in the void repo {i of course have been incorrect before} so is there anything in or out of the repo that people could advise that can do a similar job to this seemingly simple and effective tool.



Installing a .deb package is really not that hard: you just have to extract the files and copy them to the corresponding folders in your system…

There are many templates where you can find some examples of this.

(kolin_evans) #3

yeah ive seen - what i liked about alien is, I’ve noticed the ahh what’s the word…
‘containment’ of this or that distro with this or that archive repo and archive set - it was good to see one program that can do a various set across that so called ‘containment’.

i guess this is normal, the alternative being to build the whole system from ground up - but that one tool seems useful for a ‘casual’ linux user that also wants to add variance to the distro, (assuming they exist on the earth in real life)

so i assume then there is no other such program?
i think i saw that someone forked alien, anyhow it’s good to know about.


(4130) #4

I’ve never heard of alien before, but you can install deb packages with dpkg in void. I wouldn’t recommend it, of course. But, i install a decent amount of stuff void does not have this way.

Just install dpkg from the repos, then i’m pretty sure you just have to do the following to get it up and running:

#mkdir /var/lib/dpkg/
#mkdir /var/lib/dpkg/info/
#mkdir /var/lib/dpkg/updates/
#touch /var/lib/dpkg/status

If youre going to do this definitely do not install any libraries from debian. Or anything important for that matter.

dpkg will complain during a package install because it does not know what xbps has installed, but most debian packages will install with the “–force-all” flag. You’ll have to manually resolve dependencies for libraries from the void repos, if you dont want to break your system that is.

And i’m thinking probably close to nobody here will help you out with issues with debian packages on void, Its a better idea to submit new packages and templates to the void repos.