Issues with Nvidia driver - Can't suspend


I can’t suspend reliably on Void with those Nvidia drivers. On both Mate and KDE, suspension leads to a suspend loop after wake up, and on KDE (probably MATE too), I can even get booted out of my session and I’ll need to log in again. Anyway to configure Nvidia to stop this shit?


I guess you’re using linux4.16 ?
Could you try with linux4.17 ?

Same question for Issues with Nvidia Driver - poor performance


There’s a newer kernel on Void? I’ll try that. :stuck_out_tongue:

$ xbps-query -Rs linux[3-4]*


It seems to have fixed the desktop performance issue mostly, more like good ol’ Solus now actually. Maybe the idea of a reinstallation (via update) fixed things, like Solus, and I do remember changing a setting in xorg that I hoped would fix performance issues, and MAYBE it needed the update to be functional. Or I just don’t know any better.

The suspend loop still happens though. :confused:


Did you try to use zzz / ZZZ commands?


no, I haven’t used zzz

(Note about desktop performance: it’s still not great but it’s not even like basic operations like a simple menu animation will lag though at least)


I got more performance issues, it seems that some games from Steam (Overgrowth is the main example I’m speaking of) has a major framerate problem, where the real framerate is much less than the in-engine framerate, and I feel it’s tied to the same issue I have as when my desktop can’t do 60 FPS. :frowning:

Please give any answers relating to that topic on the other thread. And I will try zzz for output soon, hold on, it’s not as high priority for me as getting the damn GPU performing well in the first place.


Ok, I tried zzz out, contrary to my interests, before I sleep. It seems it works a lot better than the normal suspend, and I noticed that as I thought, the issue relates to the GPU. Everytime I wake, Kwin tells me it had to restart due to a graphics reset.


Update on ZZZ, My sound breaks after using that. Crap.


You mean nvidia? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Har har har. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what is normally used in Void’s enlightenment, for example…