Is void worth it?

(Edmond Dantes ) #21

LFS used to be better known as a file system before ‘becoming’ Linux from scratch, and I’ve had LFS root a couple of times. Regarding LFS (Linux from scratch) I concur it’s very educational and fun

largely depends on your hardware,if it’s powerful, compiling isn’t a trouble or burden at all and in my experience system works betterwhile way fewer glitches are experienced :slight_smile:

(Jordan) #22

I agree there, but if you’re going to want to stray from the usual glibc to run an alternate libc like musl/uclibc and other stuff like libressl, you’ll find there’s lots of patching involved.

@AnachronGuy; exactly! Beware the headaches!

Besides, reproducibles builds make the security aspect of compiling from source pretty null. The only aspect of Gentoo I’m going to miss is useflags; implementing them in xbps-src would be awesome (not every one but stuff like eme-free in firefox).

As control goes though, Void is a close second. I was looking at Alpine as a contender to Gentoo but it’s got stuff ingrained, like mkinitrd that would make trying to boot a LUKS-detached header quite a pain. Works fine on Void :wink:


xbps-src has build_options which are aimiliar to USE flags. They just only used in a few packages and are not as convenient to use as USE flags.


Seeing as the current driver is at version 390, that is not at all comforting.

(Travis Sturzl) #25

Proprietary drivers weren’t difficult for me at all. I blacklisted nouveau from the get go, and then installed the repos then the driver, configured xorg to use nvidia only(optimus). The pain points for me were bluetooth, and I’m still dealing with some audio issues(installed a week ago). Other than that it feels like a pretty typical Linux install.

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There are several reasons it’s BSD like. Some of the software offerings in the repos are actually projects from varios *BSD groups(namely openBSD, freeBSD, netBSD). You’ll find things like sndio, openbsd’s sound system in the repos. Also LibreSSL the SSL library that void uses by default is maintained by the openBSD team, musl is modeled after BSDs libc(and is BSD licensed). Other all the linux design philosophy strays from the unix philosophy pretty frequently, where as BSD usually adheres to it more so. A single tool that does one thing well, and hence you have runit for init, xbps is several tools with a very specific purpose, etc.


Automatically blacklisted in the template. :wink:

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I had to black list to even get void installed. Somehow the nouveau driver was screwing with wifi.