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Is there a need for a command line helper for runit?


I have been considering writing a command line helper for runit called Dandified runit, or maybe Runit User Helper.
I want to know, do you guys/gals prefer binary or interpreted software? Also, do you want any other features than the ones I seek to create.

So far my idea is:

  • systemctl syntax
  • easter eggs ( only if I make it binary cuz otherwise it’s easy to find them )
  • backing up your configuration of runit

I can write in a lot of programming languages except shell so let me know what/if you want.

I want to make it a bit harder to make the same, ahem, small mistake I made earlier… :joy:


Thanks, but personally I’m not interested.

(Erin) #3

Albeit an interesting coding experience, not sure where the value is.


There is sv-helper. I’m sure nobody will complain if you made this, but I also think most Void users are comfortable with runit as-is.

(Benjamin) #5

Referring to my other post on this, might be more worth it to extend existing tools if needed before delving into making brand new tools.


I’m not interested in improving a ruby project, I find ruby to be unappealing. I like other languages, like compiled ones such as c and c like languages.

(Benjamin) #7

I’m pretty sure it isn’t ruby. :thinking:


There is something wrong with your font rendering :frowning: but yes, sv-helper is a shell script



I figured it was ruby because it was published by github.com/rubyists