Is it possible to install a program from an AUR template?

(Owen Geer) #1

I was told I could manually install the OpenCL package from amdgpu-pro using this but it doesn’t work. Is there any other way I can install this?

(maxice8 alter) #2

No, AUR template is just a pkgbuild that is used by pacman.

Void Linux uses xbps which uses templates.

(maxice8 alter) #3

manually, or create a proper template

(Owen Geer) #4

I’m too retarded to make a template, ig I’ll just do it manually. Thank you :+1:

(Yuusha Spacewolf) #5

I advise you to give the Void wiki a read and try to make a template for it even if you don’t plan contributing (but you are encoraged to do so). It’s quite easy to do and let’s you avoid common problems that you are going to face when maintaining a non-packaged install.

(Owen Geer) #6

Do you know how I can manually install it? That is what I was originally trying to do but I don’t know how to correctly do it.


You were not told to install from the AUR template (that wouldn’t work) but you could -probably- install using the code from said template (which includes the dependencies and the link to a .git file). But if you don’t know how to do that i probably wouldn’t bother, if i were you.

(Masato the Empty) #8

In Void, it’s going to be to one’s benefit to become comfortable with going to a piece of software’s upstream homepage and downloading/installing from the source according to their instructions.

Additionally it does help to be able to read scripts to the point where you can look at things like an Arch package build to see what steps others have to take (in case you run into trouble with the vanilla upstream instructions).

Now, I’m guessing at the thought of others here, but I do think that the audience intended by Void’s maintainers includes people who are comfortable with things like building/installing from source.

Not necessarily that one must enjoy it, just become capable :wink:

(Note that I don’t like saying Void is not n00b-friendly because even though they’re quite old-school, I find Void’s installation and use to be notably easier than things were around 2001 or so, when the first distro I could get to install on my hardware was a SuSe version with a separately-downloaded boot diskette containing the shiny new 2.4 kernel. In other words there was a time when n00bs had to work with something more difficult --not to mention a somewhat smaller WWW)


The thing is that there usally are manufacturer’s packages for Debian/Ubuntu and probably some rpm’s. Everyone else has to find some workaround. Arch has the AUR, but some Arch users just learned the hard way that you should never install from AUR without checking the pkgbuild. As long as the Void user base is still a tad smaller than Ubuntu’s that problem won’t get solved.