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Installing Void on SSD


Hello fellow Void fans.

Im new here and Void has caught my eye as the distro for my new PC.

Im using the UEFI installation guide and im wondering if I need to do anything during the installation regarding my Ssd such as noatime or something with Trim as I don’t want to break my Samsung 850 Pro 1tb.

I couldn’t find a definitive answer so any help would be appreciated before I continue.

Thanks in advance!


I’d just recommend using the filesystem that supports SSDs and mount /tmp/ as tmpfs.

Personally, I use f2fs which works out of the box with defaults, but you can use almost any modern FS, depending on your needs by making sure that you have TRIM enabled.


If you decide to a filesystem other than f2fs such as ext4 you only need to run a weekly cron job of:

You could mount your filesystems with noatime but I personally don’t bother as it dosen’t make much of difference.

And don’t worry you certainly won’t be able to break a 1tb ssd, they have an insane write endurance.