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Installing on nvme drive - cfdisk work / installer won't

(AndreasK) #1

I have a newer NUC with a nvme M.2 Drive (Samsung 951). I can see the drive via dmesg and cfdisk, can create partitions, but i can’t see this drive in the void-installer. The Problem exists with legacy boot, uefi boot.
Is there a bug in the April installer? Can anybody help or any ideas?
This is not the first Linux for me (10 Years working with Linux / BSD), so i’m not a Newbi. Next step if nobody can help is the manual installation described in voidwiki for installing linux with zfs volumes.


Try adding grep pattern for nvme to the installer:

 # SATA/SCSI and Virtual disks (virtio)
for dev in $(ls /sys/block|grep -E '^([sv]|xv)d|mmcblk'); do


# SATA/SCSI and Virtual disks (virtio)
for dev in $(ls /sys/block|grep -E '^([sv]|xv)d|mmcblk|nvme'); do

(kny) #3

Yep, i had the same problem.
Your disk are well shown with a lsblk, but the installer do not fetch this disk name.
You have to modify the regex in the SATA part in the /usr/bin/void-installer:

for dev in $(ls /sys/block|grep -E '^([sv]|xv)d|mmcblk|nvme'); do //line 331

EDIT: I didn’t see your answer cardinal, so, the same :slight_smile:

(AndreasK) #4

Thanks cardinal and kny,

it works, now i have some troubles with uefi, but this problem i will solve myself :slight_smile:

Ticket can be close.

Best Regards and the main voidlinux developer much thanks for this very interesting linux distro