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Installation Problems, what am i missing?


Hello everyone,

I’ve just received a new laptop and i wanted to install void linux on it with luks + lvm.
For some reason i cant get it to install. I am stuck in the void installer setup and i get the message
ERROR: The mount point for the root filesystem (/) has not yet been set.
Its pretty clear what the error is, but i have no clue what to do.

This is what i am doing:

in installer menu
select "filesystems"
select "/dev/mapper/pool-root"
select ext4
type in "/" as the mount point
select back
select "install"

And then i get the error.
What i am supposed to do there? There is only the “back” or “ok” button in the “filesystems” menu, and when i hit “ok” i can only set the filesystem + mountpoint which i have now done a dozens of times.

I am trying to follow this guide here:
https://wiki.voidlinux.eu/Install_LVM_LUKS (second chapter)


You should press ‘back’, otherwise you’ll just start everything from scratch.

(Erin) #3

This part of the installer seems counter intuitive

(Michael Aldridge) #4

Yes, it is very counter-intuitive and was patched some time ago. New ISOs are coming, it will just take a little more time. The new version of the installer has much clearer language around this menu specifically because of this issue.


Exciting! Any new flavours or just a refresh of the existing ISOs?

(Michael Aldridge) #6

Straight refresh in this cycle, but a new flavor may be coming soon.

This cycle will also include PXE images and ready to launch images for Google Cloud with AWS images following in the next cycle.


:sunglasses: Not disclosing anything, are you? :joy:
Keep up the great work!

Looking forward to a fresh musl install, this time around trying something new.

(Michael Aldridge) #8

I prefer not to get people’s hopes up in the event that it falls through. Launching a new flavor is a lot of work and we occasionally do abandon releases midway through if its obvious it won’t be a high quality product at the end.


Ok! I got my new SSD today and will get an used probook next week. I won’t have time to rebuild my void_musl system before 2 weeks from now. Is it worth waiting for the new ISOs? If they are coming later than the end of October, I’ll build the system from the February ISOs otherwise, I’ll wait for the new ones. Is it possible to get a hint? Sorry :hugs:

(Michael Aldridge) #10

I had planned to cut new images this weekend but at the last minute discovered a breaking bug in the rpi3 image. If you tell me what image you want to install from though, I’ll happily cut a custom image for you and stick it on my server. I expect to look at the rpi3 issue this week and hopefully be ready to try again with at the weekend.


That would be awesome :hugs:! I want to re-build my void_musl system, so the base void-live-x86_64-musl is the image I’m after. I used to run fluxbox, but want to try awesome wm this time around. I guess this has to be built like I did with fluxbox, so I just need the base.
Cheers :blush:!

EDIT:UEFI system. Thanks!


Done! Fresh install from the February ISO! Some configuration of awesome remaining :blush:!
Awesome, is awesome!!!
Old proPC i5+12Gb RAM+new SSD ($60)+Void = new life :sunglasses::sunglasses: