How can I repolock every installed package and every package to be installed?


I want every installed package to be repolocked
I want every package to be automatically repolocked when they are installed.

Are there commands to achieve that?

I want to do this because I want ./xbps-src update-sys to update only restricted packages that are available only on void-packages. It doesn’t make sense to upgrade big packages like libreoffice with xbps-src.

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Hi, cocktail :slight_smile: , what about?

for pkg in $(xbps-query --list-pkgs | awk '{print $2}'); do xbps-pkgdb -m repolock $pkg; done

You can have a cron job to this everyday


That’s great. However, I was freed from xbps-src by migrating from google chrome to opera.
Opera can be installed by xbps-install.

Now, updating my void linux is as simple as sudo xbps-install -Su.

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Shall I assume you’ve dropped your ideas about xbps developing then? Just asking :wink:

to opera

I had heard Opera wasn’t being seriously maintained lately, were those only rumors? God, I’m feeling nostalgic, I remember using Opera on Windows ME and OpenSolaris, at the time it was the fastest and the only acceptable solution on my dial-up/remote-band connection and its 32 kb/s speed peak. If you told me it’s still developed I’d go trying it immediately :slight_smile:

My default browser has been Qupzilla for many years (alongside w3m and netsurf for wikipedia, quick searches, scientific review browsing): I was really disappointed to hear about the KDE acquisition and the transition to ‘Falkon’: I’ve looked at falkon, and hate its design already like almost verything related to KDE; in the meantime, while searching for a replacement, I’ve discovered uzbl (see also uzbl on wikipedia), which seems to me considerably more featured and easy to use than other webkit-based browser like vimb, dwb and surf, and much more of a viable choice compared to the bloated qutebrowser and it QtWebEngine. Surprisingly I discovered it’s available on all the platforms I use (Void Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpeinIndiana) :). The Void package seems to have some problems with font rendering, but I’ll look into it later on and I’m confident I’ll find a solution. For video streaming I’m just using mpv, often relying on streamlink


I never wanted to go deep into development because my core area of expertise is not development.
I wanted to minimize maintenance. shows opera has been reborn.
However, do note that opera is owned by a chinese entity which has obligation to report opera users’ data to chinese government.

I currently use opera on Void Linux mainly because it minimizes maintenance by freeing me from xbps-src.
It downloads adobe flash automatically. Addition of opera-ffmpeg-codecs to void-packages would make it better.


Adobe Flash is dying. It’s also a notorious security sinkhole, a playground for hackers, including government-paid hacking corps, be they American or Chinese. You want HTML5 support nowadays. If you’re on glibc Void just download Brave browser. We had some threads about it a while ago.


Yes, opera or brave. I need adobe flash for certain beneficial services that I don’t want to live without. It’s a tradeoff.

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Found by chance a free as in speech Opera clone: Otter-Browser, thought you’d liked it


I’ll try otter-browser.