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Gnome 3.26 not yet fully cooked?

(David Lebel) #1

When I try to install Gnome, I get the following:

[13:16] lebeld@tardis:~
➤ doas xbps-install -S gnome  
[*] Updating `https://repo.voidlinux.eu/current/x86_64-repodata' ...
MISSING: gnome-calculator>=3.25.92
MISSING: gnome-calendar>=3.26.0
Transaction aborted due to unresolved dependencies.

[13:16] lebeld@tardis:~

Mind you, I was able to install GDM, but I’m unable to launch it, I guess because some things are still missing.

Do I only have to wait for a few days still to be able to install Gnome?

(maxice8's favorite salad) #2

apparently not