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[Given-up] Where is winbind? [Microsoft Office + Wine / PlayOnLinux]

(HellBorne) #1


I am breaking my head with Microsoft Office 2010 (MSO) installation using Wine-32bit and even using PlayOnLinux (POL) for several hours now. Reason seems to be winbind / 32 bit libwbclient both of which are not in official void repos.

On Arch, I was able to get it working with wine wine-mono wine_gecko samba lib32-libxml2 lib32-libxslt and winetricks msxml6 corefonts

I felt MSO installation in wine is failing due to winbind then thought to use POL which pretty much automates the process using scripts but then POL also failed requiring to install winbind.

As far as I know, installing samba and 32bit libwbclientpackages should solve it but not sure how it would work in Void.

Any ideas?


I am an Accountant and Excel is used by our clients so alternatives do not work well with us.


x86_64 glibc

[root@voidlinux:/home/rj]# xbps-query -o /usr/bin/winbindd
samba-3.6.25_13: /usr/bin/winbindd (regular file)

winbindd is owned by samba:

 xbps-install -f samba

 [root@voidlinux:/home/rj]# xbps-query  -o  /usr/lib/libwbclient.so.0
 libsmbclient-3.6.25_13: /usr/lib/libwbclient.so.0 (regular file)

libwbclient.so.0 is owned by libsmbclient

xbps-install -f libsmbclient

(HellBorne) #3

Thanks, it is still reporting error:

Please install winbind before installing Microsoft Office 2010

I lookedup WineHQ, in ‘How-To’ they mention winbind (reference)

Any other idea?

Thank you.


Just to be clear: you did install ‘libsmbclient-32bit’ (not just libsmbclient which is 64 bit)?

(HellBorne) #5

Yes, used:

sudo xbps-install wine-32bit samba libxslt-32bit libxml2-32bit libsmbclient-32bit wine-mono wine-gecko winetricks


Conditional used by Office2010 installer to detect winbindd

if [ "$POL_OS" = "Linux" ]; then
    wbinfo -V || POL_Debug_Fatal "Please install winbind before installing $TITLE"

wbinfo is owned by smbclient:

[root@voidlinux:/home/rj]# xbps-query -o /usr/bin/wbinfo
smbclient-3.6.25_13: /usr/bin/wbinfo (regular file)
xbps-install -f smbclient
[root@voidlinux:/home/rj]# wbinfo -V
Version 3.6.25

Reference: https://www.playonlinux.com/en/topic-9015-2.html#m33814

(HellBorne) #7

Thanks. After smbclient:

  • Wine - no progress, same error during installation.

  • POL little progress and reached office installation wizard but it is nothing more nothing a white box (no icons, no text, etc). Guess-work at key inputs on white window with ALT made installation wizard move but things are broken (setup completed successfully but can’t run any application).

Note: I am using fresh prefix every time as a standard practice

Disappointed and giving up (also, another issue for MegaSync here).

Thanks @cardinal, you have been of great help. It seems Void isn’t for me or I am not ready for Void yet (even after using Arch for couple of years).

(Nashat) #8

Hi All

Not sure if anyone is interested but I got Office 2010 working by using the playonlinux script (February 2018) from this page Playonlinux script. Hope it helps.