Games on linux


To play games on linux with lutris/playonlinux should I use proprietary drivers?


If you’re using nvidia, then probably yes. As for amd, it depends on what you want


I have an amd radeon r7 m265, what I want is to play tera, it’s the only game I play. I’m using lutris.


Try looking at this and deciding for yourself.
It’s over one year old so I’d take it with a grain of salt.
Try both, see which you like better, too.


well the amd has a better performance with open-source drivers. I’ll stick with what I’m using! Thanks BTW!

(Steve) #6

I use the amdgpu xvideo driver and it’s done well by me so far. I haven’t even looked at whether catalyst supports my card or not since the performance has been so good.


How can I install that driver? And what are the pros and cons of using them in normal use and gaming?

(Steve) #8

Do an xbps-query on amdgpu, they’re open source and work well for me. I would suggest looking to see if your card is supported, and, it may already be installed, anyway.

(Max) #9

We also have a wiki page explaining how to set up and switch between the drivers :slight_smile:
See here: Proprietary Video Drivers

(dommer) #10

With that chip I would just use the built in drivers. The PRO drivers for AMDGPU are more built on compute-spec than general work spec. You will see a drop in performance, if anything.