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Fresh install: MenuMaker not working

(Userx) #1

I installed Void, Installed fluxbox, installed menumaker.

[userx@void tinyterm-0.5.8]$ mmaker -f fluxbox -c
no terminal emulator specified; will use the default
no suitable terminal emulator found

nothing . what gives? strange permission issues perhaps?

it is not making a menu for any window manager. no output for a Menu, forget about that terminal error thing.


from mmaker -h

terminal emulators for -t (case insensitive), in order of decreasing preference:
Gterm | GNOME-terminal

my guess is tinyterm is not recognised by mmaker…
solution : install one of those^

(Userx) #3

it has nothing to do with tinyterm, i ust happened to be in that dir when I ran the command. thanks.

$ mmaker -f fluxbox -c

-c prints it to the output (terminal)

(Michael Aldridge) #4

As a general rule though its a good idea to have xterm available. There are a lot of programs that kind of assume that xterm is installed if X is.


just for fun i removed xterm and aterm and then ran menumaker…
unsurprisingly, it didn’t work.
with the same error message as you have.
reinstalled xterm > and now it works…


Try this:

 export TERM=xterm
 mmaker -f fluxbox -c

(Userx) #10

Reviving old thread. with this issue posted and a fresh void ( have not been in a void os for awhile, back now. WindowMaker forgot this fix, tried it, installed xterm, menumaker worked, but lost themes and styles, icons, Background placements in menu listings.) so yeah I am going to try and fix that via modifying build script in repo for WindowMaker.

  1. I’d think that when installing WindowMaker that xterm should be added as a depen’s to the install due to WIndowMaker always having that launcher Icon on the desktop defualted to xterm. So it is just there and everything with that is copacetic. Even though it has nothing to do with building WindowMaker.

can that be done ?

  1. changing the /usr/bin/WPref directory to /usr/lib64/GNUstep/WPref
    if I do that how will it effect the one in the repo already and the systems out there that already have WindowMaker installed on their systems?

where or who do I put the pruposed changes to WindowMaker to get approval before going through all of this after I get everything ready to test it before even trying to push it?

( so recap, yes I am going to TRY and fix this)