Freezing after long Hibernation


Hey everyone,

i installed void linux last week and really like it.
When i leave the computer in hibernation over night it directly freezes after waking up. The screen shows the same state from the moment i launched ZZZ. However waking up after a short time in hibernation works. I already installed socklog but nothing is written to the logs when it wakes up and freezes.
I have a swap partition 16GB and running Kernel 4.14.22_2.
Maybe someone can help me.

My Hardware:
Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E744
Intel i5-4200M
8GB Ram

Edit: wasnt freezing this morning, seems like the problem may not relate with the amount of time beeing in hibernation


@bellc0re it seems you’re not the only one: bug/1743094.


Thank yo cr6. Ive already seen this bug report, but for most people it was resolved with kernel 4.15. However im on 4.15.15 right now and still have this issue from time to time.